8 Best Dog Collars Reviewed

Dog Collars

No matter how trained your dog is, anything can happen whenever you take it out for a walk. For that reason, dog collars are essential, especially if you are going to use a leash. But even if you are not going to use one, a dog collar may serve as your dog’s identification tag too. …

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5 Best Senior Dog Foods Reviewed

Senior Dog Foods

No matter what we do, our pets will eventually grow old. The once lively and energetic puppy can change into a mellower and slower adult in time. Like some aging humans, dogs too need a specialized diet that corresponds to their age. Some dogs have different nutritional needs when they age and what you feed …

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9 Best Dog Cooling Pads Reviewed

Dog Cooling Pads

As the weather becomes hot, dog owners must understand how the heat impacts their pets. This issue must not be taken lightly. Overheating may result in a serious sickness and even death. Recognizing the seriousness of hyperthermia and heatstroke is of utmost importance. Doing everything to hinder these two from happening is a priority for …

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Best Dog DNA Tests Reviewed

If you are fond of the “Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court” TV show, then you know that that part of science is crucial in identifying, tracing or verifying ancestral genealogy. But as this science evolved over time, DNA testing is no longer just for humans but also for animals – just not the exact purpose humans …

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7 Best Electric Dog Fences Reviewed

Based on a study conducted by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), there are about 4.7 million dog bite incidents occurring in the country every year. Add to that fact is the result of another survey revealing that there were about 4 million missing dogs reported annually. If dog attacks happen, you as the master …

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