8 Best Retractable Dog Leashes Reviewed

Dogs can sometimes get too excited for their own good. The smell of food or the sight of an unfamiliar place can overwhelm their senses and they start running around.

In a sea of people and other dogs, your pup can get lost easily. In fact, there are about 10 Million lost dogs each year according to The American Humane Association.

Most places – even dog-friendly ones, require for your dog to be leashed. While we do not want them to get lost or hurt, we also do not want to keep them in a short leash (pun intended).

For your pup’s safety (and your peace of mind) it is imperative that your dog is restrained or leashed when outside. Here are some of the top retractable dog leashes, their features, and advantages that you can enjoy from purchasing these items.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
Living Express Retractable Dog Leash8Durable and Anti Tangle FeederBuy from amazon
Comsun Retractable Dog Leash7Heavy Duty and ErgonomicBuy from amazon
TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash6Affordable and DurableBuy from amazon
TUG Patented Dog Leash5Tangle-Free 360 Degree TapeBuy from amazon
Dial-A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash4Adjustable Range and AutobrakeBuy from amazon
Flexi New Neon Retractable Tape Dog Leash3Neon Colored with Reflective StickersBuy from amazon
Rosmax Heavy Duty Retractable Leash2DurabilityBuy from amazon
Flexi Giant Tape Leash1Long range of movementBuy from amazon

8. Living Express Retractable Dog Leash

You might think that a good retractable leash is a luxury and can be really expensive. Well, think again! Living Express retractable dog leash is a sturdy one for its price range.

If you are working on a budget and would not want to splurge on a retractable dog leash, this is the right pick. It does the deed without hurting your pocket!

This leash can handle any active dog of up to 110 lbs. It has a reflective leash belt that makes it safer to walk your dog at night.

Its 16 feet leash belt gives your pup the freedom to move around while giving you the control with its break and lock one-button mechanism. It is comfortable to the hand with its TPR rubber-made handle and the belt is very easy to retract.

Free poop bags and refillable dispenser are included in the package too!

Most consumers give glowing recommendations after putting Living Express retractable leash to the test. The leash may seem thin and light but it manages the dog pretty well according to one pet owner.

It also is easy to handle and the lock mechanism responds well. Customers are also raving online about its anti-tangle feature.

There are some though that thinks the leash could do better.



7. Comsun Retractable Dog Leash

Comsun Retractable Dog Leash ranks seventh among the retractable dog leashes on the list. This is mainly because it is quite heavy to handle at about 13.02 oz in weight.

This is meant for bigger and heavier breeds and would not fit small to medium dogs.

If your pet is below 45 lbs, Comsun provides you with an option to get the smaller leash. If your paw pal weighs near 100 lbs, then this is the right leash for you!

The leash is made of flat nylon that extends up to 16 feet. This gives your dog a wide range of freedom to run around without the risk of rope burns.

As an owner, you would want your dog to move freely but you would also want the ability to take control when necessary. With Comsun retractable dog leash, you can stop the leash and your dog with just one finger!

You can pull up the brake using your thumb and it will remain that way so long as the button is pressed. This gives your dog the freedom to roam around without feeling suffocated while giving you full control as needed. It also has a chrome plated snap for secure attachment to your dog’s collar.

Pet owners generally love the security this leash provides. However, there are some who are having a hard time with its lock/brake button.

Several have mentioned the decrease in responsiveness of the button after a while. A few also have mentioned that the weight bothers them.

If you decide to buy, it is best to first try it out and have a feel.

This leash may also not be the first choice for use in crowded places but one of the best in wide open spaces.



6. TaoTronics Dog Leash

TaoTronics Retractable Dog Leash, 16 ft Dog Walking Leash for Medium Large Dogs up to 110lbs, Tangle Free, One Button Break & Lock ,...

3,923 Reviews

TaoTronics Dog Leash is one of the dog leashes in the market that has gained acclamation among its users. It is flexible enough to hold small, medium and even large dogs – any type of dog so long as it is less than 110 lbs.

It can extend up to 16 feet giving your pup the freedom to move around. The handle is made of durable ABS plastic case with ergonomic grip. This enables the user to handle the leash with much ease and comfort. The device is equipped with a strong spring for easy recoil and handbrake giving you full control.

It is along the affordable price range for the caliber of durability it offers to make it the preferred leash of many dog owners. It even comes with free plastic bags inside a cute dog bone shaped container for you to easily clean up after your dog!

There are numerous ratings on this product and much of which are extremely positive. There are however several who are unhappy with what they got; mostly caused by the retraction mechanism being jammed up.



5. TUG Patented Dog Leash

TUG Patented 360° Tangle-Free, Heavy Duty Retractable Dog Leash for Up to 110 lb Dogs; 16 ft Strong Nylon Tape/Ribbon; One-Handed...

8,661 Reviews

TUG Patented dog leash offer dog owners the flexibility of choosing the size based on the weight of their dog. Sizes range from small – handling dogs weighing under 33 lbs., medium for dogs under 55 lbs., and large for dogs under 110 lbs.

There are also three colors to choose from – white, blue, and orange. TUG patented dog leash has just so many options!

This made it to the list because of its tangle-free 360-degree tape leash providing maximum range of movement for your beloved pet.

The retraction opening in this leash allows you to take control of your dog from any angle. So no matter if it is running around in circles, you can be assured that you are still the one in control!

If you have a big dog, no need to worry because its internal coil retraction mechanism is made to withstand heavy-duty dogs. It is tough and durable and designed to last!

There are thousands of satisfied pet owners giving glowing reviews! They especially love the design and tangle-free leash feature but there are reports of the leash material tearing apart after months of use.

Another feedback is that the leash cannot withstand exposure to natural elements: salt and sand. Keeping the leash off of these elements might be difficult especially for those who enjoy having strolls along the beach.



4. Dial-A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash

Dial-A-Distance Retractable Dog Leash may be more expensive than the other retractable dog leashes in the market but its ability to stop at any length (up to 15 feet) that you have set is worth the extra bucks!

Now, you can just use one leash in keeping your dog close in heavily congested areas and in letting it loose in wide open spaces. This gives you the freedom of a retractable leash but always within the range that you are comfortable with.

It is very easy to use; it adjusts in seconds!

It is easy to the grip and compact but sturdy and durable as well. The responses to this product have been promising so far.

People liked the rubberized handle and the fact that they do not have to adjust the leash very often. The auto-brake feature is quite appealing to some as well.

One feedback is that the leash is too heavy and bulky to use. The brakes on the leash also have a tendency to get stuck and not retract according to some users.

If you are someone who values freedom, convenience, and security, this leash is the right one for you. One turn of a dial and you are good to go!



3. Flexi Neon Retractable Tape Dog Leash

Flexi is one of the most trusted brands in dog leash production. This specific product has made it to the list because consumers simply love it for multiple reasons.

Consumers are raving about its neon-colored tape and reflective stickers. It provides additional security especially if your dog enjoys a regular evening stroll. You can easily find your leash even if you drop it in the dark!

There are three sizes to choose from – small size for dogs up to 26 lbs. heavy, medium size for dogs weighing up to 44 lbs., and large size for dogs up to 110 lbs.

It also has a quick stop braking system that allows you to handle your extra small-medium dog with ease. You have an option of attaching a flexi multi-tool bag on your leash for treats and poop bags.

There are some feedbacks from consumers that straps tend to break easily.

You have to keep in mind that neon retractable straps are made for extra small to medium sized pups. You may want to consider another leash if your dog is more on the large size.



2. Rosmax Retractable Leash

Rosmax retractable leash comes in close second. It can provide good control of any breed of dog within up to 110 lbs of weight. Its sturdy leash extends up to 16 feet with a reliable spring for smooth retraction.

It is intended for daily use, with the handle made of ABS plastic casing designed with an ergonomic grip. The leash’s single-hand braking feature provides pet owners with the ability to adjust the leash at a preferred length.

It also comes with a free roll of poop bags tucked nicely in a bone-shaped container.

Customers are satisfied with the leash’s durability and great recoil. Low ratings are usually because of the free poop bags that come with the Rosmax dog leash.

It is also a bit pricey compared to other leashes in the market. But if you do not mind paying a few more bucks, then, this can be a good match!



1. Flexi Giant Tape Leash

Flexi Giant Medium Retractable Dog Leash (Tape), 26 ft, Medium, Black/Neon

1,805 Reviews

If you are looking for the best heavy duty retractable leash in the market, this is just the one to buy. Its strong and sturdy leash is able to handle active dogs.

You can choose from three sizes – medium for dogs up to 55 lbs., large for dogs up to 110 lbs., and extra large for dogs above 110 lbs.

People are impressed with the amount of freedom this leash offers! It extends up to 26 feet with a chrome hook at the end for safe fastening in the collar.

We know that dogs can get too fussy or too excited sometimes. The stable hand grip and sturdy retractable tape allow you to maintain full control.

The brake button is sensitive and reactive enough to stop at the exact length you prefer. The neon-colored strap promotes further safety due to improved visibility, especially at night.

Now, you will not have to worry about motorists not seeing you in the dark when doing your evening walks.

People are testifying to its durability and with how well it managed their large dogs. The chrome hook at the end seems to be holding up pretty good as well.

As it is made for large and strong dogs, the leash can be heavy to handle especially after long walks. You are also advised to use the safety collar and instructions pamphlet with your flexi giant tape leash to avoid accidents.



Dog Leash Buyer’s Guide

Pet owners live for the long walks by the beach or quiet strolls in the park with their four-legged companions. Dogs seem to be at their happiest when running through a field or playing catch.

It is the sense of freedom they get from running around that makes them all giddied up; or so it seems. Sometimes, pet owners are as much as an avid fan of the outdoors as their dogs.

Dogs are meant to run around and mind you, they surely will! It is one of their greatest pleasures in life!

While a leash may not be the most recent or greatest invention in dog history, a retractable leash is one level up than the usual strap. Pet owners love it because of the flexibility in control it provides them and the freedom it gives their pets in moving around.

Finding a leash that serves its purpose and lasts may be a difficult task for some especially for new paw parents. We may have enumerated seven of the best ones in the market but you just do not play Russian roulette on this matter.

There are certain things to evaluate. Is your dog small, medium or large? Is this its first time on a leash? Is it a well-behaved pup or a puller?

Will you be using the leash in your backyard, in the park or for hiking with your dog? It is important that you identify what you and your dog need to find just the right leash.

The length of the leash is one thing to consider. It should be long enough to provide a maximum range of movement for your beloved pets but adjustable as well to keep them in control when needed.

It has to be durable of course. You do not want to keep on spending money on a leash that will last you for just a short time. If you have a large dog or a pup that will eventually grow to become one, a larger leash is advised.

Another important detail that you have to look into is the clip quality of the leash. You want one that does not rust, does not get easily broken and one that safely attaches to your dog’s collar.

No matter what you choose, pick a sturdy leash that lets you manage your dog easily while giving your pet enough freedom of movement. You do not want to lose your fur baby in the crowd or get hit by a car, do you?

These and more are considerations you should put in mind in making your choice. Picking a leash may sound like a menial task but just think of how much you love your dog.

A proper leash can make a lot of difference. It may literally be the only thing holding on to your dog and keeping it from getting lost or harmed. While we do not wish this to happen, it is still better to be safe than sorry.

So go ahead, check the recommendations we listed and see if anything strikes your fancy. Goodluck!