8 Best Raincoats for Dogs Reviewed

Rain affects dogs in different ways. There are dogs that love to play in the rain while there are dogs that are afraid of it.

Actually, some dogs aren’t really afraid of the rain per se. What scares them might be the sound of it hitting the roof, the commotion that ensues, or the accompanying sound of thunder. They might associate all of these to rain.

Whatever the reason might be, one thing’s for sure. They are surely missing out on the fun of rainy walks. If you want to warm them up on the idea of walking around in the rain, you might need a good puppy rain gear.

Don’t know what to pick? Then, check out this review of the 8 best dog raincoats in the market.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Yellow Slicker for Dogs8Reflective stripes increase visibility in low lightBuy from amazon
Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka for Dogs7Highly adjustable for greater comfort and flexibilityBuy from amazon
Ruffwear Sun Shower Rain Jacket – Purple Dusk6Non-insulating waterproof layer makes it usable in any weatherBuy from amazon
Hurtta Torrent Coat5Very durable and can withstand tough weather conditionsBuy from amazon
RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho4Repair or replacement guarantee for broken or damaged products throughout your pet’s lifetimeBuy from amazon
PETCEE Dog Jacket, Waterproof Fleece Lined Reflective Jacket3Waterproof and windproofBuy from amazon
WeatherBeeta Reflective Dog Parka 300D Deluxe2Affordable without compromising the qualityBuy from amazon
Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip-Up Raincoat1Removable hoodie and pocketsBuy from amazon

8. Ethical Pet Fashion Rainy Days Yellow Slicker for Dogs

Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat For XX-Large Dog | Dog Rain Jacket With Hood | Dog Rain Poncho | 100% Polyester | Water Proof | Yellow w/ Grey...

2,515 Reviews

Love to walk your dog at night? Then this first one on the entry is for you. What the owners love about this product is its highly reflective yellow color as well as the reflective striping belt around the body.

It is also made of 100% polyester with waterproof PVC coating. The materials used can provide great comfort and protection to your pets. The Velcro belly strap also secures the whole coat to their body and can be adjusted according to their comfort.

To top it all off, the ergonomic hood design can be used during heavier downpours.  This slicker is available in sizes X-Small up to XX-Large so you don’t have to worry if you have a small or large breed pet.


  • Affordable
  • Ergonomically-designed hood


  • Sizing runs a bit small so it’s better to order a size up to be sure

7. Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka for Dogs

Hurtta Summit Parka is technically made for winter runs but overall, it can also be used as protection during rainy days. This product is more like a winter jacket that keeps the most important muscle groups of your pet warm, specifically the chest and the abdomen area.

Although it is easy to put on and take off, it is designed to not slip and shift easily even if your dog moves around. It also has an adjustable back length with a belt and collar that allows freedom of movement and a perfect fit.

It doesn’t have a hood but it has a high collar in place that can protect your dog’s neck. The harness/leash opening also has a cover so water can’t get inside the whole jacket.

The high-visibility 3M reflectors are also there so your dog can be seen at night. You can surely find the right fit for your dog for this parka is available in 13 sizes and 4 colors (cherry, camo, orange, raven).


  • Great for colder temperatures
  • Comprehensive sizing guide


  • Dogs tend to pull on its elastic loops

6. RUFFWEAR Sun Shower Rain Jacket – Purple Dusk

Ruffwear is known for high-quality products, albeit quite expensive. This specific one is an all-around dog coat that can be used in both rainy and sunny days.

It features a comfortable fit and stylish design but can still provide excellent overall protection in the rain.  This might be the reason why it is one of Amazon’s Choice.

It is made with waterproof, non-insulated, and breathable materials that can prevent your pets from getting too hot in warmer temperatures. It also has a leash attachment available.

Its reflective trim makes it easier to locate your pet in low-light conditions but you can also attach a beacon light through its light loop.

Lastly, it is easy to wear and remove with the use of quick release buckle on the side. The Sun Shower is available in 6 sizes and colors like pink, blue, gray, green, purple, and red.


  • It is compact and travel-ready
  • Made with sturdy and durable material


  • A little expensive
  • Might not provide enough warmth for dogs with short hairs especially in extreme colder temperatures

5. Hurtta Torrent Coat

Although this coat doesn’t have a fleece lining, you can be sure that this product can warm your pet during cold and rainy weather. It is also fully waterproof inside and out to keep your pets completely dry.

It is designed in Finland and is constructed from Hounded fabric. This makes it a tough coat for harsh conditions.

Just like other Hurtta products, it features four areas to adjust the fit snugly on your pet: drawstrings around the collar, shoulder, and rump areas, as well as a buckle that goes around the middle.

The coat has an attached 3M reflector to increase your dog’s visibility in low light. One feature that sets it apart from the other Hurtta products is a single snap that goes around the dog’s tail to protect its entire backside from the water.

It is easy to wash, dries very quickly, and it doesn’t stain easily. The Torrent Coat is available in four colors from black, red, orange, and 13 different sizes. It has a detailed measurement guide and sizing chart and also recommends sizes based on dog breed.


  • Premium overall quality
  • Very suitable for active dogs because of its durability


  • Very expensive
  • It needs to be pulled over your dog’s head

4. RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho

RC Pet Products Packable Dog Rain Poncho, Pitter Patter Chocolate, XX-Large

4,284 Reviews

This Amazon’s Choice is a poncho-styled raincoat made with lightweight, water-resistant taffeta shell and water-resistant PU coating. You might take a moment to choose from its array of designs that would surely look adorable on your pet.

It is easy to wear because of its adjustable Velcro waist strap that fastens around your pet’s belly. To make walks safer, it has a leash access buttonhole design with storm flap cover.

This poncho comes with a convenient carrying pouch so you can just conveniently tuck it away. It is easy to clean too!

Although it is quite thin, it can still protect your dog against the rain especially with its hood. Because of that, it is best suited for long-haired breeds that don’t need additional heat.

It is available in seven sizes starting from XX-small to XX-large. Just for a couple of dollars and even without all the flashy features, its simplicity can still get the job done.


  • Multiple designs to choose from
  • Cheap


  • It doesn’t have any reflective strips
  • Inconsistent sizing

3. PETCEE Dog Jacket, Waterproof Fleece Lined Reflective Jacket

PetCee Winter Dog Jacket 100% Polyester Waterproof Fleece Lined Jacket Reflective Loft Dog Coat Climate Changer Fleece Jacket (Black M)

1,963 Reviews

This PETCEE is not just waterproof; it is also windproof. This makes it perfect for either rainy or snowy days. What makes this possible is the fleece lining that provides additional heat and the polyester exterior.

It is available in a wide variety of sizes – from XS to 5XL and in four different colors. However, the target audience is from small to medium breeds.

Check its sizing guides if you have larger breeds just to make sure that you’ll purchase the right fit.

This jacket is easy to put on with fully adjustable Velcro straps as well as the magic buckles on both sides of the chest. You’ll love it, especially if your pet is more on the thick-chested breeds.

Cleaning is also easy since its machine washable.


  • Very good inside lining
  • Adjustable chest attachment


  • Sizing may run small
  • No hood available

2. WeatherBeeta Reflective Dog Parka 300D Deluxe

This WeatherBeeta product prides itself for having a very durable 300 denier fabric that can withstand strong rains and winds. Not only that, but its 220g polyfill will also make sure that your pet will stay warm in temperatures about 25 to 35 degrees.

It provides complete protection from your dog’s neck and most especially its back because of the elastic straps that can be attached to its hind legs. This prevents the coat from moving around or flapping with every movement.

The whole ensemble is also easy to put on your dog.

Basics like an opening for leash and harness is readily available. This 300D Deluxe Reflective has different versions – one has a lighter color while the other one has no high collar.

The highly reflective orange color of this parka with makes it easier for you to locate your pets if they are ever separated from you.


  • Made with quality materials
  • Durable


  • Velcro closures can be hard to clean
  • Few customers have a problem with the coat’s fit

1. Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip-Up Raincoat

This cute, yellow raincoat is the perfect gear not just in the rain but in any weather conditions. It has several features that other raincoats don’t have.

Aside from protecting their pets from getting wet, most owners love the overall design of this coat. It has a stylish interior design and silver, reflective buttons.

These buttons make it more adjustable while the zipper can make the process of putting it on easier. The drawstring closure around the neck is an added measure to keep any water out.

It also has an opening in the upper back for leashes and harnesses. Its stylish, removable hood is also a great plus so you can use it not just on rainy days.

What buyers love about Ellie Dog Wear are its multiple buttoned pockets that can be used as storage for trinkets.

It doesn’t matter if you have small or big dogs since this raincoat comes in five different sizes – from XS up to XL. Although it is not exactly cheap, it is totally worth it for the comfort that it brings.


  • It has a removable hoodie
  • Buttoned pockets for carrying small items


  • The Zipper can get caught in belly hair
  • No other design or color choices

Buyer’s Guide – Dog Raincoats

In buying a raincoat for your dogs, you have to consider several things before settling for a product. Your pet’s comfort should be your primary concern because unlike humans, most dogs don’t like wearing garments.

If they keep on scratching and pawing at it or if they’re walking funny, that might be a sign that there must be a problem on what they’re wearing. It might be too tight or they feel too hot in it.

Take note of the things below so your pet can get the best of the raincoat that you’d purchase.

  1. Your Dog’s Breed and Size

In order to pick the right dog rain jacket and to ensure that your pet will be comfortable, you must know the breed, the size, the shape, and the length of your dog. It should be able to walk freely and not feel too hot or too cold in it.

It is better to pick a size up to keep dogs comfortable as they move. You should not only focus on the size though, but also take note of their overall physique and morphology. Some dogs have bigger heads while some have longer bodies.

The store should have a clear and understandable sizing guide.  If it’s a good fit, you wouldn’t have any problem with it falling off especially when your pet is taking a potty.

  1. Waterproofing and Fabric Material

If you live in areas where there are frequent, heavy rainfalls, you might want a raincoat that’s not only durable but also completely waterproof.  Water-resistant fabric is not enough especially if your dog is really active – it’ll be soaked in minutes.

Dogs don’t really care whether they come in contact with grass, stones, wood, water, ground, and pretty much everything else. One good thing about having waterproof raincoat is that it is easy to clean, maintain, and pack up.

Most waterproof raincoats are made of durable and nontoxic polyurethane and PVC.

Although almost every coat doesn’t weigh much, you must make sure that what your pet wears is indeed lightweight especially if you have a small dog. Thick materials can weigh it down and limit its movements.

The lining inside is also an important aspect when choosing a coat. Again, dogs with thin fur need additional insulation for colder weather. Warm liners are made of fleece, wool or synthetic liner.

On the other hand, dogs with longer and thicker hairs might not need an insulating coat for warmth.  What they need is a waterproof outer layer since they get wet more easily.

  1. Must-Have Features

If you want to make your rainy day walks much more enjoyable, look for the following features:

  • Hood or Extended Collar

A dog raincoat with hood can keep your pet’s head and face protected during these rainy walks. The hoods can also double as a pouch.

However, some dogs may find it annoying so give them time to adjust. A great option is an extended collar, but it won’t provide as much protection during heavier rains.

  • Leash or Harness Access

Some raincoats don’t have a designated access hole for leash and harnesses. It won’t matter much if you’re used to walking your dog without it. But if not, you might have to just work your way around the coat.

However, water may seep through inside and it would beat the whole purpose of the coat. Also, make sure that it does have a hole. It should also have covering flaps.

  • Adjustable Straps or Closures

Good raincoats usually have elastic leg straps and Velcro closures so it can fit dogs of different shapes and sizes. These can also keep the whole ensemble from sliding off of your pet even if it gets wet.

The adjustable straps should allow your pets to get a comfortable, snug fit.

  • Reflective Surfaces

Having reflective strips along the coat will help make your dog visible to other people especially motorists in low-light conditions. It can either be stitched or sewn-on reflective patches.

If you don’t use a leash and somehow your pet has escaped, this can help you in locating it.

  1. How to Properly Size a Dog Raincoat

To avoid the hassle of returning the coat when it doesn’t fit or when it’s too tight, you must know the correct size of the raincoat that you’re going to buy. To do this, you need to take a couple of measurements while your pet is standing.

  • Back length – This is where manufacturers usually base their sizing since almost all raincoats are really just covers draped on your pet’s back. You just have to place the tape measure along your dog’s back; starting at the base of its neck up to the base its tail.
  • ​Neck circumference – This is applicable if you want to purchase coats with enclosed collars. To measure the neck circumference, look for the widest part of your pet’s neck and wrap the tape measure around it.
  • Girth – Raincoats also have to be wrapped around your dog’s body. This will keep even the belly dry during walks.

To ensure that it won’t be too tight, you will need to measure its chest circumference. Simply look at the widest section of your pet around its back and chest. Wrap the tape and get the measurement.

Additional Tips for Walking Your Dog in the Rain

  1. Not all dogs will be enthusiastic about getting wet so they may be apprehensive in taking a walk. Slowly introduce it to them and also make it a fun and enjoyable experience for them by giving treats and praise. All the positive reinforcement can help in the long run!
  2. Avoid busy streets. The combination of water and the noise of moving vehicles can make your pets antsy. They might even develop anxiety from it. Take a walk in the dog park instead.
  3. Having a raincoat doesn’t mean that you should completely expose your dogs to direct rains, especially a heavy one. It is advisable to walk in areas where there are a lot of trees and building to minimize the rain that’s hitting them as well as the wind that may amplify the cold temperature.
  4. Dry them with a towel after the walk. If your pet has thick tresses, you might need a blower to completely dry them. Make sure that the paw and most importantly the chest area is dry to prevent your dog from getting sick.