5 Best Pee Pads for Dogs Reviewed

You just got home from the pet shop with a new puppy in tow. He’s cute and fluffy and everything a puppy should be; except that he’s not potty-trained. And so here starts the fluffy and cute but messy ordeal of training your newest friend.

Training your doggie may look like a daunting task but believe me, it is not. It does not require any special expertise for you to train one. All you need is the right amount of patience and just the brand of pee pads that address your dog’s needs and you’re good to go. With just the right brand of pee pads for dogs, you would just be shocked to find out your dogs are already trained in no time.

So what are the best puppy pads on the market these days?

Read on to find out more.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
Parachute Dog Pee Pads5Holds off odor very well.Buy from amazon
All Absorb Pee Pads4Sized larger than the average.Buy from amazon
Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads3Treated with specialized attractants.Buy from amazon
Petphabet Pee Piddle Pads2Liquid gels up easily.Buy from amazon
ThxPet Puppy Pads1Thicker and can hold 5 cups of liquid.Buy from amazon

5.Parachute Dog Pee Pads

On the 5th spot is the multi-layer, fast-absorbing pee pads made by Parachute Pet Products. With a product that boasts of just the right size (35.5 x 23.5 inches), your dog sure would not miss when relieving himself. It also comes with an e-book that discusses potty-training of dogs. And the best thing about this product is the manufacturer’s confidence in their quality. They have a 110% money back guarantee, which means that if you are unhappy with how the product worked (or unhappy because the product did not work), you would be given a full refund plus a 10%-bonus to thank you for even trying.

Anyway, comparing all the pads that I’ve tried in the market, this ranks 5th for a lot of reasons. First off, we discuss the things that I like about this product. One is that it holds a huge amount of liquid as advertised. It doesn’t leak and so you don’t have to worry about wiping floors every day. Just roll up the pee pad and you’re all done. It also does not leak and it holds the odor very well. Like, imagine just how your house would be like if it doesn’t hold the odor just like it does.

And while there are a lot of positive feedbacks revolving around these pads, there are just a few things the manufacturer should also work on. One would be the sizing of the pads. There could be less blue lining and more spaces for where the dogs can pee. It can also be hoped that the padding materials can be as durable as everybody wish them to be. I know this is a common concern among all brands but once the dogs get their teeth on the pads, they can easily be torn, just like any other pad. And if Parachute can work on improving the material, they’d be the first in the market to do so.

In addition, the pads can be a bit pricey than the others but considering how well it performs, it’s just worth the dollars you spend.



  • Can hold a huge amount of liquid.
  • Holds odor very well.
  • Does not leak.
  • Can be a bit pricey.
  • Sizing can be improved. It can be made larger.

4. All Absorb Pee Pads

Sitting comfortably in fourth place is All Absorb with their pee pads for dogs boasting of turning urine into gels as soon as it hits the pad. Looking at the pads, it has a good plastic backing and does not easily peel apart just like the other brands. During my use of the All Absorb Pee Pads at some point in the past, it held liquid nicely; in fact, it can hold up to three cups of liquid without leaking. It really absorbs the liquid nicely and what’s more is that with these pads, you pay less.

And even if it is cheaper than most brands, it’s made much larger than most. With these pads, your doggie can wander around the pad without you worrying so much about him missing the target; and so these pads are very much recommended when training or assisting dogs of larger breeds.

Now, off to my wish list of what the manufacturers can hopefully improve. First and most important of all, the pads need to work on being good at keeping the smell once the urine gels up. While it performs so well in being dry and not leaking, the smell can be a little bit disturbing especially when the urine has stayed far longer than necessary. Aside from that, if you have a doggie that moves around a lot, the pads do not have adhesives or anything of that sort that could make it stay in one location. When your dog moves, the pad moves as well. And finally, this may not be as important as the others but if the manufacturers can add a little bit more attractants to the pads, this would be better performing than how it is now.

I could still choose this pad over the others in the market but if only All Absorb takes note of these feedbacks, it would be way, way better.



  • Larger than most brands.
  • The liquid gels up once it hits the pads.
  • Can hold up to three cups of liquid without leaking.
  • The pads cannot hold the smell of the urine.
  • There needs to be an adhesive to keep the pads in place.

3. Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads

Grabbing the third spot on my list would be Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads. This heavy-duty and highly absorbent pee pads for dogs have been known not only for its absorbency but also for its durability. It is lined with plastic linings, holds liquid well, and does not leak. You no longer have to worry about wet floors in the mornings or when you get back from a long day at work. The pads also make sure not to smell of urine even after many hours from the time your doggie peed. And what’s important as well is that with Four Paws Wee-Wee Pads, cleaning up is just a breeze; you just roll it up and throw it in the trash. That easy!

Another thing that’s good with these pads is that it is treated with a special formula that seems to pull dogs to its embrace whenever they need to pee. The attractants work so well you no longer need to worry about your dogs peeing somewhere else.

One thing to take note of, though, is that there had been product changes recently resulting in thinner pads. Can Four Paws be thicker just like before? I miss that!



  • Does not leak.
  • Easy to clean up.
  • Treated with a special formula of attractants that make your dog pee just in the right place.
  • It is thinner than before.

2. Petphabet Pee Piddle Pads

My second bet would be the pee pads manufactured by Petphabet. These pads keep your house from stinking as it retains the odor even hours after your doggie was able to relieve himself. Each pad comes with many layers of material that ensures the liquid does not leak. It is good, especially when used by incontinent dogs or you can use this while traveling as it holds up to three cups of liquid and is leak-proof.

Another good thing about these pads is that once the liquid hits the pads, it gels up. The one thing that needs improving, though, is the time it takes for the liquid to do this. There would be moments when right after the release, your dog may step on the exact same spot where he urinated, resulting in a mushy, squishy experience.

Anyway, they have a 100% money back guarantee so if unhappy with the way the pads performed, you can always get your refund.



  • Liquid gels up once it hits the pad.
  • The pads do not leak.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • It may take a little while for the liquid to gel up.

1. ThxPet Puppy Pads

And the pee pads for dogs that captured our hearts are those that are manufactured by ThxPet. These puppy pads are made up of 5 layers ensuring that you no longer have a mess of a wet floor to take care of each day. The liquid immediately gels up and the pads are so heavy-duty you don’t need to change it every single time. In fact, you can just leave it there for use for about twice or so and it will still be dry. And what’s more is that it can really control the smell. No more reeking smell after your dogs urinate and you can even have it stay for a few days without any terrible smell bothering you.

Anyway, the sizes are good enough for your dog to be able to pee just in the right place, and even if they don’t, like if the dog pees just around the edges, the pads are equipped with edges that can absorb liquid just fine. They’re thicker than any brand and so, no wet paws for you and your dogs!

It also has built-in attractants that are specially designed for your dog to get attracted to it. When I last used these pads, it smelled so nice to the dog that it was easier to lead him to the pad before he was able to release.

And here’s another thing – these pads can hold up to five cups of liquid. No joke! And no wonder why I have to put this brand as my number one.



  • Can hold up to five cups of liquid.
  • Thicker pads and the sizes are huge, ensuring your floor stays dry.
  • Has built-in attractants that your dogs can’t refuse
  • Can be a bit pricey.

Dog Potty Pad Buyer’s Guide :

Now that you have read every single dog potty pads review, it would be high time for you to decide on which brand addresses all of your dog’s needs. And when choosing the best brand in the market, take note of the following considerations:

Absorbency. When choosing the best pads for your dogs, it would be most important of all to answer the question of whether the pads are absorbent enough. Take note that when your dog urinates, they can’t just pee and squish on their pee and walk around your house. The pads should be absorbent enough to be as dry as possible; to be devoid of leaks; and to be the pad that should be able to retain as much liquid as possible, especially when this is used at a time when you are out of the house for many hours.

You don’t want to go home every single day from work and still work on mopping your floor, do you?

Size. Consider the size of the pee pads. Always remember that some dogs would walk in circles before they pee. With that said, it would be most important to consider the pad that would be large enough that when your dog urinates, the pee doesn’t hit the edge. And even if it hits the edge, it should be able to absorb well (see absorbency).

Odor Control. Another consideration is that the pads should be able to hold off on the odor. We all know urine really smells. And this is why one of the major considerations when choosing pee pads is that the pads should be able to hold off on the odor because one of the worst things in life is opening your doors to a home reeking of urine, just because your dog’s pee pads don’t hold off on the odor as much as you would like to.

Now that you’ve read through every review in here, good luck in choosing the best pee pads for your dogs.

And cheers! To a dry and doggie-filled home!

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