8 Best Grain-Free Dog Foods Reviewed

Did you know that dogs are born athletes? Yes, these furry friends are meant to run and play all day. But in order for them to be able to do that properly, they must receive the healthiest diet possible. For dog owners, ensuring the quality and nutrients of the food they feed to their pets is essential.

Even though dogs can digest grains, keep in mind that they are naturally carnivores. For that reason, giving them foods that contain grains is not the greatest thing to do. In fact, some dogs suffer from digestive issues and allergies due to grain-based dog foods.

Basically, grain-free dog foods do not contain any grain-based ingredient in it. It features formulas that consist of excellent ingredients that hold low levels of carbohydrate contents. For this reason, they would not cause obesity and other weight issues. On the other hand, dog foods with refined grains are not easy to digest, thus, causing stomach issues and digestive problems.

With numerous grain-free dog food formulas out there, it’s getting even more difficult to choose the right one. If you are on the lookout for a no-grain dog food for your pup, look no further! Read this review before you make a decision.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
Diamond – Diamond Naturals Grain Free Pet Food8Middle price rangedBuy from amazon
Nulo – FreeStyle Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food7Safe for all breedsBuy from amazon
Merrick – Grain Free Dry Dog Food6Allergy-friendlyBuy from amazon
Blue Buffalo – Freedom Grain-Free5Contains LifeSource BitsBuy from amazon
Rachael Ray Nutrish – Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food4Perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachsBuy from amazon
Purina Beyond – Natural Grain Free Tuna3Affordable priceBuy from amazon
Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine Formula2Made with 100% natural ingredientsBuy from amazon
Wellness CORE – Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food1Top quality ingredients, Easy to digestBuy from amazon

8. Diamond – Diamond Naturals Grain Free Pet Food

Diamond is a family-owned company that is committed to following innovative food safety protocols. Tell your pup to say hello to great food! It offers a great middle price-ranged dog food that is safe for puppies and adult dogs.

This grain-free dog food is prepared with a formula that uses all natural ingredients. It doesn’t consist of artificial flavors and colorings. Rest assured it has no trace of preservatives too.

With 4 different flavors to choose from, it won’t be difficult for you to find the perfect taste that suits your dog’s palate.

It contains enough proteins to support your dog’s healthy muscles. Aside from these protein-rich ingredients, it also contains complex carbs that are very easy to digest. These carbs do well in supporting healthy digestion. There are also enough levels of vitamin E and selenium.

In addition, this product uses fat sources that are all beneficial for providing your dog with a healthier and shinier coat. There are also extra sources of vitamins in it that provides nutrients to support your dog’s healthy immune system.

That’s not all. Diamond is packed with probiotics too. Probiotics are beneficial for healthy digestion and the overall health of your dog’s gastrointestinal system.

It might sound too good to be true, but it really is true!



7. Nulo – FreeStyle Adult Grain-Free Dry Dog Food (Lamb and Chickpeas)

Nulo is a newbie in the dog food industry. Nevertheless, it should not be belittled.

The product line of Nulo Freestyle consists of 8 different types of grain-free dry dog foods. One of the great things dog owners love about this brand is its chicken-free formulations. For those who do not know, chicken is sometimes an allergen for dogs.

This plant-based dry dog food offers the amino acids and protein your dog needs for a healthy heart and lean muscles mass. Plus, it has fewer fat calories and high fiber content. It is 100% natural and contains healthy ingredients for a balanced diet and boosted energy levels.

Most of the protein content of this product is derived from animal sources. There are no potatoes or tapioca in it, which are some of the common food fillers of grain-free dog foods.

That’s not all. Nulo also developed its very own probiotic to assist with gut health. Probiotics help a lot with a healthy metabolism.

These kibbles also contain probiotic to boost proper digestion. It does not contain ingredients that might trigger allergies, such as soy, gluten or corn.

Furthermore, it contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids to support the health of your dog’s skin and coat. For a slick and shiny coat, Nulo is a great choice. It is able to help dogs who are suffering from itchy dry areas.

A lot of dog owners attest to its amazing benefit for their dog’s health. It was able to assist in providing a shinier and softer coat. Even the dental and skin health of their dogs improved.

Take note that this dog food is perfect for both large and small dogs. It is completely safe for all types of breeds—from Boston Terriers to German Shepherds.  In fact, various breeds with different issues found the solution with Nulo.



6. Merrick – Grain Free Dry Dog Food (Duck and Sweet potato)

Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food, Chicken 24-lb

1,346 Reviews

The product line of this Merrick Grain Free dog food is allergy-friendly. The company is committed to providing healthy dog foods, guaranteeing that meat is always the top ingredient. There are also no artificial coloring, artificial flavours, and preservatives to worry about.

This brand provides a variety of flavors that contain meats, fruits, veggies and others. There are 13 different types of dry dog foods to choose from.

If you want a healthy dog, you got to give it healthy foods. Thankfully, this product contains high levels of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for healthier skin and shinier coat. For healthy joints, this product contains high levels of Glucosamine as well as Chondroitin.

It is also important to note that Merrick operates its very own facility in Texas. This ensures that all its products are 100% made in the US.



5. Blue Buffalo – Freedom Grain-Free (Chicken)

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food, Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe, 12 Pounds, Grain Free (Packaging May Vary)

1,163 Reviews

If you own a puppy, it is best to start it off on the right track with healthy nutrition. In that way, you will help it grow up healthy and strong.

Keep in mind that puppies grow fast especially in the course of their first year. What they eat during the first few months of their life is very important.

Thankfully, Blue Buffalo provides grain-free food options that are perfect for puppies. This product is made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. The formula of this product is packed with all the vital amino acids and nutrients that puppies need every single day.

It contains enough levels of proteins so your pup is provided with enough energy for the whole day. Healthy carbs such as peas and potatoes are also included. Both are not difficult to digest and won’t trigger allergy reactions.

It also contains ingredients such as oats, brown rice, carrots and sweet potatoes. Aside from excellent nutrition, it also boasts an excellent flavor.

What’s even greater about this product is the fact that it contains LifeSource Bits. For those who do not know, these bits are the tiny and dark-colored kibbles combined with your dog’s main food. It contains an extra boost of nutrition.

Overall, the formula of this wheat-free puppy food is perfect for giving your pup its much-needed energy boost. If your puppy gets old, Blue Buffalo also offers a grain-free recipe for adult dogs.



4. Rachael Ray Nutrish – Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food (turkey and potato)

Rachael Ray Nutrish Zero Grain Natural Dry Dog Food, Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe, 12 Pounds, Grain Free (Packaging May Vary)

1,163 Reviews

eed your furry friend the right way.

This product from celebrity chef Rachael Ray is perfect for dogs that have a sensitive tummy. It is available in beef, chicken, turkey, and salmon flavors—tasty options that your dog will surely love. It consists of real ingredients that are very easy to digest. It also provides enough protein content that makes it perfect for both puppies and adult dogs.

If your dog loves to scratch due to rashes and itchy dry skins, the chicken fat and whole flaxseed will help with that. The fat content will ensure that your dog develops a softer coat, as well as acquires the energy boost it needs.

The main sources of fiber are dried peas, sweet potatoes, and tapioca. All these ingredients help lower the risk of stomach problems. If your pet is prone to skin problems and food allergies, its fiber content will help. In addition, this product also contains probiotics from Beet Pulp.

Overall, Rachael Ray’s Nutrish Zero Grain formula is well-balanced and right for your pet’s daily diet.



3. Purina Beyond – Natural Grain Free Tuna (Tuna and Egg)

If you want the finest ingredients in dog food, this is another brand and formula that you should check out. Purina is a top name in the dog food industry. For that reason, many buyers do not worry about the quality and ingredients of their products.

This dog food will help you feel great about what you feed your dog. First of all, it contains real fish. Second, it doesn’t contain wheat, soy, and corn. Third, there are also no traces of artificial colorings or preservatives.

If you are also looking for the best food for your allergic dog, this is the most affordable choice that doesn’t compromise on quality. Aside from the ingredients looking good, the taste is good too because many dogs love it! There are even many different flavors to choose from.

Like other grain-free dog food, it is also able to help with skin issues and allergies. The simple no-frill ingredients that are completely free of gluten are amazing too. It even contains glucosamine to support the health of your dog’s joints.

You might notice that the bag is a bit smaller in comparison to others, but keep in mind that it is way cheaper too.

Whether you have a small, medium or large sized dog, the size of these grain-free kibbles is perfect for them all.



2. Taste of the Wild – High Prairie Canine Formula (Bison and Venison)

Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Real Meat Recipe High Prairie Premium Dry Dog Food

5,345 Reviews

In our 2nd place is a food that is packed with natural meats and lots of vegetables for a well-balanced daily diet. This product also provides probiotics which are great for digestion.

Are you looking for a grain-free dog food that is made with 100% natural ingredients? If you are, let’s introduce you to Taste of the Wild’s High Prairie Canine Formula.

This brand provides different types of dry and wet dog foods that you can choose from. There are 6 various protein sources available.

Taste of the Wild is committed to providing a formula that is the same with dog’s ancestral diet. It is great to find a manufacturer that really values the integrity of a dog’s health.

Manufacturers need something to replace the grains that they eliminate in their product. This brand uses peas and sweet potatoes—two carbohydrates that are very easy to digest.

It comes in several flavors that are all made with natural ingredients. Overall, this product offers high levels of protein and less filler ingredients which may harm your dog’s health in the long run.

This is one of the best-priced grain-free options that you can find today. You may think that it’s expensive, but its bag weighs heavier compared to other brands.

Due to these qualities, there is no wonder why it is one of the top choices of most dog owners.



1. Wellness CORE – Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food, Original Turkey & Chicken, 26-Pound Bag

1,550 Reviews

The top choice in our list is this grain-free dry dog food from Wellness CORE. Thankfully, a dog food product that contains wholesome and top-quality ingredients is here! Take note that this manufacturer also provides a wide variety of dry and wet dog food in different flavors.

If you want your dog to simply have the best, this is the right product to buy. Wellness CORE is committed to providing the same diet that dogs naturally have in the wild. This brand uses only top-quality natural ingredients in its products.

Its dog foods only contain top-quality protein, omega acids, antioxidants, vegetables, and even probiotics for a well-balanced diet. You won’t need to worry about artificial colorings, preservatives, and other ingredients that are harmful to your dog’s health.

In addition, the manufacturer recently released RawRev (Raw Revolution) that helps you introduce raw ingredients into your pup’s daily diet. Freeze-dried raw bits are added that are safe and easy for your dogs to eat.

Do you want to ensure that your dog receives the right nutrition every day? Try this product now. It might be a little expensive than other brands, but it is truly worth the price.



Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing the right food is important because it could positively change the life of your furry friend. If you want to ensure that your dog is provided with the healthiest dog food formula, the wisest thing to do is switch it to a grain-free diet.

Many people think that a grain-free diet is just for dogs with skin or stomach issues, but that is not true. Every dog will reap amazing health benefits from a grain-free diet.

Investing in the right grain-free dog food will result in numerous health benefits for your dog. You will notice that your pup will have less illness, fewer allergies, less laziness and fewer visits to the vet.

This grain free dog food review features top-quality brands that are worth trying. But just in case you decide on buying a different type of grain-free dog food that is not featured in this article, here are a few tips to help you out:

Consider what type of grain-free dog food you are going to get. Will you opt for dry dog food or wet dog food? Dry dog foods are easy to store and bring during travels, while wet ones require refrigeration. On the other hand, most dogs prefer wet food due to its moisture.

  • If you are decided to give your dog the healthiest life possible, you must be willing to spend a little more on high-quality dog food. However, just because a product is expensive doesn’t mean it is high-quality. Check the ingredients and ask other dog owners for their suggestions.
  • Keep in mind that grain-free dog food doesn’t necessarily mean it is also gluten-free. However, a few grains such as rice and corn are gluten-free.
  • Check the carbohydrate substitute that was used for your dog food. Usually, manufacturers use either potatoes or sweet potatoes. If you want a healthier option, go for the ones that contain sweet potatoes because they provide more nutrients.
  • Not all dog foods are meant for all life stages. Even though a pack of dog food is labeled as safe for all life stages, it is still safer to give puppies a special puppy dog food.
  • Stay away from any dog foods that have artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Check the label and see if it contains BHA or BHT in the list. Those are the usual ingredients that are harmful to your dog’s health.
  • If your dog is a bit picky when it comes to food, just be patient with the process. If you are trying a new product for the first time, do not buy a large bag right away. Just purchase the smallest bag and introduce it to your pup gradually.

If you have gone through numerous trial and errors with other dog food brands, try the products in this list. Who knows? You might just find the right one for your dog!