8 Best Electronic Dog Doors Reviewed

Just imagine yourself stopping halfway through your task just so you could open the door for your pet. Such a big hassle, right?

If your pet wants to relieve itself, it would have to wait and suffer until you are able to open the door. Either that or it’d scratch the door just to let you know that it wants out. As a pet owner and a homeowner, you don’t want any of the two happening, do you?

Having an electric dog door would also give your canine the freedom to come in and out of the house as it wishes. If it wants to play or take a walk outside, it sure can with the electric door around. That way, there is no need for it to be super dependent on you.

And so to help you scrap potential problems out of your list, here are the 5 best automatic doggy doors in the market today.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
SureFlap Microchip Pet Door8Programmable including a curfew modeBuy from amazon
Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door7Highly-durable and energy-efficientBuy from amazon
High Tech Pet Power Door6Air-tight pet door resulting in best insulationBuy from amazon
PetSafe Extreme Weather Door5Plastic can be easily painted to match surroundingsBuy from amazon
Perfect Pet, All Weather Door4Energy-efficient and can save costs on electricityBuy from amazon
Cat Mate Large Cat Door3Rainproof external frame. Great locking mechanism.Buy from amazon
PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Doo2Durable; manufacturer is in the business since the 90sBuy from amazon
Endura Flap Wall Mount Door1Choice of single or double flap; warranty of 10 yearsBuy from amazon

8. SureFlap Microchip Pet Door

SureFlap Microchip Pet Door (White)

2,026 Reviews

This door identifies your pet through an RFID collar tag. No strays allowed here. In fact, the door itself was tested on raccoons in a zoo. And yes, you got it right. The raccoons never made it inside.

The door is made for both cats and dogs and can store and identify a maximum of 32 pets in its memory.

What’s more interesting about this brand is its curfew mode. Through this, pet owners can program the door to lock and unlock at specified times and so when nobody’s home, there is no worry of the dog getting out of the house.

The door is battery-powered and uses 4 C cell batteries which, with normal use, can last for a year. The door also comes with an indicator light which warns pet owners that the batteries are already running out.

And while the brand may have been gaining praises from consumers left and right, some may comment on the range of the door to the chip in the collar being too short before the pet is let through. While working well for most, this may not be suited for large pets.



7. Ideal Pet Products Ruff-Weather Pet Door with Telescoping Frame

RuffWeather Pet Door Extra Large

2,095 Reviews

The door is made of structural foam-molded plastic and clear vinyl insulated flaps that are known for heavy-duty quality. It also comes with a nice template that is easy to use.

The flaps are 9.75” x 17” in size and can fit dogs or cats of up to 90 lbs. in size. It also goes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The good thing about this door is that pet owners can also purchase a matching pet door wall kit that can be used when installing the door through a wall.

And while most consumers are all praises for the door, there are times when the screw may seem off from the ink circle, which would make it a bit hard for pet owners during the door installation.



6. High Tech Pet Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

On to our fifth place is an electric dog door that boasts of the best insulation ever. The super air-tight pet door can protect your dog from even the coldest and the windiest of situations.

Its motor-driven door can be activated only by an MS-4 ultrasonic collar. You, the pet owner, would also be able to program – whether the access would only be from the inside or only from the outside.

And the best thing about it is that its directional system would only be able to open the door when your dog is approaching it, not when the dog is sleeping beside it or just walking near it.

The door is bulletproof and is made of super-strength, military-grade resin which, even in extremely hot or cold weather conditions, does not result in discoloration. The manufacturer of this brand also ensures that extreme temperatures will not result in the door cracking.

The Power Pet Doors are also safe. There would be an electric motor and a cable drive that moves the door panel up; the panel of which stays open up until the time when your dog had already steer clear of the opening.

What happens is that when your dog is no longer in the opening, the collar signal will disappear – prompting the door to close and the panel goes down with the help of gravity and an electronic break only.

The brake slows down the closing of the panel and it works with or without any electrical power. This means that you do not worry of the panel sliding down and cutting your dog in half.

What’s more is that when the panel is about to close and it senses an obstruction, be it your pet or any object, it automatically goes up.

The door is a bit on the expensive side, with a price that will not go below $300. But most customers who have purchased the door so far have been very satisfied.

There may have been a thing or two that was said about the batteries that need to be bought extra for the collar – adding to the cost in the process. But aside from that, customers have no qualms.



5. PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door

PetSafe Extreme Weather Energy Efficient Pet Door - 3 Flap System - For Large Dogs Up to 100 lb

1,261 Reviews

This one is a choice that’s below $100. The door has multiple flaps which actually keep the very hot or cold weather outside. This just means your dog can come in and out without you worrying about extreme temperatures from getting inside the house.

The product speaks of durability. What’s more is that the plastic material the door is made of can easily be painted which gives you the options to match the door’s colors with that of the wall.

The door’s three-flap system makes this 3.5 more energy-efficient than any other traditional and single flap dog door. It also comes with a snap-on closing panel that would make sure to keep strays out.

It is in three sizes – small, medium or large – with the small door built for dogs of up to 15lbs, medium of up to 40lbs, and large of up to 100lbs.

Reviews from consumers who have purchased this brand have all been happy with how it has performed so far; except for a few that have concerns about the consistency of the size. One pet owner lamented on a 12-lb dog that did not fit in a small-sized electronic door when it’s supposed to.

Aside from these concerns mentioned, there was none that could really make a pet owner worry about purchasing the door.



4. Perfect Pet, the All-Weather Energy Efficient Dog Door

One of the major considerations homeowners always look for when purchasing something electronic is on how much the added gadget/appliance would affect the monthly bills. Energy-saving devices are always the most popular to homeowners. The same is true for pet owners.

In third place is an electronic dog door that brags of being able to save energy more than any other brand. It has an all-weather door air pocket that is situated in between flaps that results in efficient energy insulation.

It comes in small, medium, extra large, and even super large sizes that can accommodate any dog size.

Of all the concerns that have been raised by pet owners about this brand, it is that the magnets that hold the flap that may not be as strong as the manufacturer claims it to be. But while the incidents involving the magnets may be few, this is something that you, as a pet owner and as a consumer, would also need to check prior the purchase.

Aside from that, pet owners have been very satisfied with the door. Most of them have high praises as to the convenience and as to how easy it is to install.



3. Cat Mate Large Cat Door

Ani Mate Cat Mate Large Cat Door, White

1,890 Reviews

This may be named as a cat door but it isn’t just for cats. While the door may be suited for cats that are extra in size, this door can also be used by small-sized dogs. Think about the Spaniels, the Miniature Poodles, the Pekingese, among others.

If there’s one thing to consider when getting this door for a dog, it should be that the shoulder height does not exceed 13”.

The door has a large 4-way flap that can be set to open, in only, out only, or can even be fully locked which ensures that your pet stays indoors or outdoors, depending on your preferences. Its rainproof external frame seal is weatherproof and comes with a magnetic closure.

The door also comes with a three-year warranty.



2. PetSafe Wall Entry Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel

PetSafe Wall Entry Aluminum Pet Door with Telescoping Tunnel, Pet Door for Dogs and Cats, Medium, for Pets Up to 40 Lb.

3,128 Reviews

This door contains a couple of flaps that can be replaced and are there to keep the weather out of the house. It also speaks of flexibility as it can be installed and would look good in several types of walls. Be it stucco or a brick wall, the door will never look out of place.

The telescoping tunnel is made of durable plastic; the opening good enough to pets of up to 40lb. There is also a PetSafe wall entry extension that is sold separately in case you need to have this work with walls that are thicker than 7.25 inches. The same goes for the replacement flaps which can also be bought individually.

PetSafe manufactures this door and with the company being in the business since 1991, you can never go wrong with trusting this brand to deliver.



1. Endura Flap Double Flap Wall Mount Pet Door

Energy-efficient, wind-resistant, and made to last; this award-winning Endura Flap Wall Mount Pet Door brags about endurance that will last for a long time. It is of a completely hidden hardware. Its framing is made of aluminum and comes with a 10-year warranty.

It’s easy to install and has a security locking cover of about 1/16” sheet of steel to ward off access when the door is not in use. Strays, stay away!

The tunnel part of the pet door is suited for walls of up to 8 inches thick.

The whole system is insulated and is durable and can endure extreme weather conditions. The flaps are friendly to the environment and go with adjustable magnet strength.

While a single flap would work well in terms of insulation, the double flap version of the door would be a good choice when talking about extreme weather conditions. The flap also comes with a warranty of 15 years.

It is a little bit on the expensive side but of all the concerns that have been raised by consumers who have already bought this door, it is the installation that the pet owners have issues with. Some claim that it is taking them longer than usual to install the door.

Aside from that, everything seemed to have worked well for the others. Expect to pay not less than $300 for the door but with all the benefits this door can give you, what more could you ask for?



Dog Toys – Buyer’s Guide

One of the most important aspects, you, as a loving dog owner should provide is entertainment. Dogs are constantly curious and without anything to spend their energy on, they would end up grumpy and disruptive. This is bad news for your carpets, furniture, shoes, rags or just about anything.

There are plenty of options on the market today – toys that move, need to be moved, meant to be chewed, need to be fetched, etc. If any of the items we recommended above didn’t catch your fancy, then you may consider the different factors below in choosing the perfect toy for your dog:

  1. Dog size – Toy manufacturers would always aim to create toys that are suitable for all sizes. But there will always be a limitation or two at some point. Find one that is suitable for your dog’s size and weight. A too big or too heavy toy might make it grumpier than it already is!

Majority of the toys in the market today were made specifically for a certain dog size so knowing which size your pet belongs can help you make the best choice in terms of what it would enjoy the most. This would also greatly affect the lifespan of the product you are buying.

  1. Dog’s behavior – Is your dog more on the aggressive side or is it more of a softie when it comes to playing? Either way, you have to compare the durability of the item you are buying against your dog’s habits. You don’t want to buy something that’s going to be torn apart after a few tosses, do you?
  2. Type of toy – Some toys are made to be chewed, some to be fetched, some to be rolled, etc. You should consider what you think your dog might possibly be into. Some dog breeds might even be hard to train by nature or some might even like to move around so you have to consider that as well.
  3. The material used – Toys can be made from any materials known to man. Some can be made out of rubber, some out of plastic, and some can be from weaving durable cloths or fabrics.