9 Best Dog Cooling Pads Reviewed

As the weather becomes hot, dog owners must understand how the heat impacts their pets. This issue must not be taken lightly. Overheating may result in a serious sickness and even death.

Recognizing the seriousness of hyperthermia and heatstroke is of utmost importance. Doing everything to hinder these two from happening is a priority for dog owners.

Thankfully, there are tons of cooling pads available online. Aside from giving your dogs the essential cooling devices such as coats or bandanas, it is also beneficial to let them rest on a cooling mat.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
Little Dove – Small Cooling Mat9Great for small dogsBuy from amazon
Aolvo – Hoopet Cooling Pad/Mat/Bed8Eco-friendlyBuy from amazon
PAWZ – Road Pet Dog Blanket7Self-cooling blanketBuy from amazon
Dogbed4less – Gel Cooling Memory Foam6Non-slip materialBuy from amazon
Hugs Pet Products – Chillz Cooling Pad5Puncture-resistantBuy from amazon
Dogbed4less – Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed4Orthopedic benefitsBuy from amazon
K&H Pet Products – Cool Dog Bed III3Water-basedBuy from amazon
Arf Pets – Self Cooling Mat Pad2High-quality but affordableBuy from amazon
The Green Pet Shop – Cooling Pet Mat/Pad1Pressure-activated cooling technologyBuy from amazon

9. Little Dove – Small Cooling Mat

If you own a tiny dog, you might have found the one you are looking for. This is the perfect cooling pads for puppies!

This magical doughnut with non-toxic gel does wonders for your little furry friend. The coolness of this mat is weight-activated. Just place your tiny furry baby on it and that’s it. There is no need for refrigeration.

It also automatically recharges by itself. Leave it unused, and wait for about 10-15 minutes for it to get cool again. But if you want its coolness to last longer, tossing it in the fridge will help.

In order to prevent your dog’s claws from puncturing the main cover of this mat, place a cover over the pad for extra protection.

Its small size makes it easy to place on dog houses, beds, carriers or car seats. It is also made of a sturdy PVC material that is easy to clean. Just wipe it with soapy water and it is as good as new.



8. Aolvo – Hoopet Cooling Pad/Mat/Bed

If you love the environment as much as you love your dog, this is the right cooling pad for you to buy.

The most amazing thing about this Aolvo Cooling pad is the fact that it is eco-friendly. Plus, the non-toxic gel gives you the added peace of mind you are looking for.

But take note that this is not a gel-cooling mat. It only features a thick sponge layer that is extremely breathable. For that reason, it may not be able to compete with the long-lasting cooling sensation of other pads.

Nevertheless, this mat doesn’t call for water, electricity, batteries or refrigeration. It also does a great job in providing a quick cooling relief that your dog needs on a hot sunny day.

It comes in four different sizes and features a foldable design so you can store it easily anytime. Rest assured that you would have no problem storing it. Just fold it and it will still retain its shape. Its portability and versatility are unbeatable. You may use it almost anywhere.

This Hoopet Cooling Pad also features a non-stick surface, which makes cleaning such a breeze. The exterior is easy to clean with a wet cloth. The inner cover, on the other hand, could be hand-washed. Cleaning it regularly will make it look brand new every time.



7. PAWZ – Road Pet Dog Blanket7.

As soon as your dog hops on this cool fabric, it will feel refreshed for sure. Choose from 3 different size and 2 pretty colors: blue and pink.

This dog mat is made of breathable mesh that avoids heat and moisture. Its fabric is easy to clean – just throw it in the washing machine. Plus, it doesn’t collect hair and fur like other fabrics.

This soft blanket will keep your dog from sweating. However, the cooling material is on one side only. Just follow the tag to know which side is the cool one to rest on.

This cooling blanket may not be as cool as a gel mat, but it is very comfortable and way better than a normal blanket.



6. Dogbed4less – Gel Cooling Memory Foam

Our 6th pick is from a manufacturer in California. Dogbed4less may not be a huge company but it is an expert when it comes to orthopedic cooling mats for dogs.

This cooling pad features a 100% high-density gel-infused memory foam and non-slip materials. There are different sizes and tons of colors to choose from. The material used is heavy duty and can easily be wiped down with a wet cloth.

It comes with two zipper covers that are both machine washable. The fabric is very strong, soft, and extremely well-made. The cover is very easy to put on and off. It has easy moving zippers as well. The waterproof cover that covers the foam is a huge plus. But take note that only the inner cover is waterproof.

Aside from its great cooling effect, it also provides therapeutic benefits. Dogs that are suffering from joint and muscle pain will greatly benefit from it. It does a great job in relieving discomfort caused by arthritis or hip dysplasia.



5. Hugs Pet Products – Chillz Cooling Pad

Chillz Cooling Mat For Dogs, Large - Pressure Activated Gel Dog Cooling Mat - No Need to Freeze Or Refrigerate This Cool Pet Pad - Keep...

2,863 Reviews

ay goodbye to overheating!

Out next product is an innovative puncture-resistant mat that features a cooling gel-technology, just like most of the products in this list. This is another cheaper alternative that delivers almost the same features that other products in this list have.

The manufacturer prides its products for passing the stringent Bureau Veritas testing.

Like most cooling pads on this article, the surface of this one will stay cool even without power supply, batteries or refrigeration. Thanks to its foldable design, carrying it around is so convenient too.

Its non-toxic gel guarantees its safety for animals, humans, and the environment. But of course, it is safer not to allow your pet to chew on it.

This is perfect to use both indoors and outdoors (in the shade). Just don’t place it directly in the sunlight. It absorbs heat and may not be as effective as it should be.  Older dogs suffering from joint and muscle pains will also experience its therapeutic benefits.

Last but not the least: it comes in a decent price tag!



4. Dogbed4less – Orthopedic Gel Infused Cooling Memory Foam

In 4th place is another product from Dogbed4less. This one is worthy to be on our list because it is the manufacturer’s top-selling gel-infused cooling mat. It is 4 inches thick and features a cooling gel layer to keep your pet on the right temperature on hot days.

This cooling memory foam comes with tons of covers that are machine-washable. It has a water-resistant internal liner and two separate outer covers. Take note that the internal cover is water-resistant, but not water-proof.

The foam is sturdy and able to retain its shape for a long time. And don’t worry for any mold build-up because it has a double cover protection. It comes in 7 different sizes and 2 colors to choose from.

Aside from its cooling effect, its next greatest feature is really the orthopedic benefits. If your furry friend is suffering from joint and muscle pain, this is the best mat to get. It is worth noting that the manufacturer is an expert when it comes to providing high-quality orthopedic cooling mats for dogs.

Furthermore, the company also provided a great tip to know the perfect size of bed to get for your dog. The company advises that you measure from the nose to the end of your dog’s tail. Add at least 5 inches. That’s the size you should get.



3. K&H Pet Products – Cool Dog Bed III

K&H Pet Products Cool Bed III Cooling Dog Bed Large Gray 32' x 44'

1,242 Reviews

If there is one cooling mat that is abounding in positive reviews, this might be it! This Cool Dog Bed III from K&H Pet Products may look like a typical cooling pad. However, it has a lot of great features to offer!

First of all, this mat consists of a water-saturated material inside. This guarantees excellent absorption of your pet’s body heat.

Second, this mat offers more cushioning since it isn’t filled with gel, but water. Your pup will find it enjoyable to lie on because it’s like lying on a waterbed.

Third, it is so easy to use. All you need to do is fill it up with cold water and let your dog hop on it. There is no need to change the water numerous times either.

Fourth, it gives an advance cooling effect due to its “cooling core” feature. It will cool up fast and it will always stay cooler than the temperature of your pet’s body or the room it is in.

Fifth, this cooling mat provides maximum comfort to olds dogs and those that are suffering from health problems. It has a therapeutic effect that is able to help with your pet’s body discomfort, skin problems, obesity, and even arthritis.

In addition, K&H Pet Products prides itself for being a reliable provider of dog products. This product even comes with a 2-year limited warranty. Not all cooling pads come with a warranty, so this is a huge plus.

That’s not all. This product was even named the best dog bed for 2007 by the readers of Pet Business Magazine. How cool is that?

There are 3 different sizes to choose from. But no matter what size you get, there are no weight limits to worry about.

Its exterior features a durable vinyl and nylon material. You may safely use it outdoors, but it is still advised that you avoid placing it under direct sunlight.



2. Arf Pets Self – Cooling Mat Pad

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative that is still able to provide great quality, look no further! This cooling pad from Arf Pets works very well in regulating your pet’s temperature. It is able to provide 3 hours of cooling sensation.

It may not look like it is extremely durable but many people attest to its great quality.

It works perfectly for large dogs, but there are smaller options. It comes in three different sizes so you won’t have a hard time choosing the perfect one for your furry friend. You may place it inside a dog house or even put on top of a dog bed.

But what’s even more to love about this product is its portability. The fact that it is foldable and flexible makes it perfect for travel. Roll it up when not in use for easy storage. Don’t worry. It will stay in its original shape even after a long time of use or storage.

No need for refrigeration, electricity, batteries or even water! No water means that you won’t need to worry about mold build-up.

The pad is made of latex-free material plus the gel used into it is made of non-toxic materials. It also features a nylon cushioning that is puncture-resistant. It charges by itself quickly if not in use. Just watch it do its magic and be amazed.

The company states that it is made of waterproof materials but some buyers do not agree.

Even though it is made of sturdy material, keep in mind that this pad is not chew-resistant. If your dog is one of those types that love to chew, don’t keep it unattended! The maintenance, on the other hand, is super easy. Just wipe it off with soapy water and it will look good as new.

This product is not just safe for dogs. It is safe to be used by kids and adults too. Rest assured, both you and your dog will love lying down on this Arf Pets cooling pad any time of the day.

Overall, this is one flexible, durable and versatile pad that you should get for your favorite pet. It is an excellent product that is functional and affordable at the same time.



1. The Green Pet Shop – Cooling Pet Mat/Pad

TheGreenPetShop Dog Cooling Mat – Gel Self Cooling Mat for Dogs – This Pet Cooling Gel Pad Keeps Dogs and Cats Cool in Warm Weather...

2,660 Reviews

The top pick on this dog cooling pad review is this cooling mat from The Green Pet Shop. Like other excellent pad, this one is pressure-activated. It doesn’t require water, batteries or refrigeration. You won’t even need a power supply to make it work.

This product operates with a pressure-activated cooling technology. All you need to do is let your pet hop on it. Yes, your dog’s body heat and weight are all you need to activate the pad instantly. Let your dog rest on it and it will start up the cooling magic that can last for as long as 4 hours.

But what’s more to love about it is how it recharges automatically once unused. The moment your dog gets off it, it will start recharging by itself. Within 10-15 minutes, it will be able to give an extreme cooling effect once again.

Refrigeration is not required, but it is still safe and even more beneficial to do so. Placing it inside the refrigerator will help its cooling effects last longer.

This mat is available in 5 different sizes. It is thin, lightweight, and foldable which makes it easy to carry around. You can use it on the bed, on the floor, in the car or even in a dog carrier. It is great to use both indoors and outdoors too.

If you want to put it away for quite some time, make sure to store it in a flat position. This will prevent the mat from creasing. It is also recommended to not leave this mat in direct sunlight for a long period of time. Doing so may affect the quality of the pad.

In addition, make sure that your dog doesn’t become tempted to chew it since it is filled with gel inside. The company claims that the gel is non-toxic but it is much safer to not let your dog be unattended when resting on this pad.

Overall, this mat is worth the price. A lot of buyers commend how versatile it is. It doesn’t just work for dogs, but for cats and even humans too.

No doubt, our top 1 pick is the best dog cooling mat today. The long-lasting cooling sensation is what makes this pad stands out above the rest. So for dogs that want to beat the heat, this mat is a life-changer!



Buyer’s Guide

Dogs can suffer heat exhaustion in 15 minutes or less. They do not sweat the same way as we do. In fact, dogs only sweat through their paws. Yes, they will pant but that is not enough for them to deal with their body’s temperature. They need help.

The common signs of overheating in dogs are:

  • Acting weird or confused
  • Very fast heart rate
  • Too much panting
  • Too much drooling
  • Seizures and convulsions

If you want to purchase a cooling pad that is not listed in this article, here are the top requirements you should consider:

  • Search for a cooling pad that is perfect for your dog’s size. This will ensure that your dog will receive maximum comfort.
  • Choose a cooling pad that is durable, portable, and easy clean. This will ensure that you will be able to use it for a long time.
  • Go for a cooling pad that has a long period of cooling effect. After all, this is the top priority, isn’t it? The longer its cooling effect is, the better.

Need to provide relief to your pet in hot temperatures? Help your dog refresh during a hot sunny day with a cooling pad. It is the perfect solution for the severe heat locked inside your dog’s body.