5 Best Countertop Steam Ovens Reviewed

Are you looking for a healthier food preparation?

Or cooking food without losing nutrients and flavor?

Well, you probably want to try steam cooking. The steam helps in locking the nutrients and flavor of the food. It also helps maintain the food hydrated and making it more juicer.

Therefore, steam cooking is a great alternative to preparing food and healthier than usual frying. Also, you may want to buy a countertop for space efficiency.

My countertop steam oven review will guide you in finding a product that is suitable and powerful enough to incorporate steam cooking into your lifestyle.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
BALMUDA Steam Oven5Small footprintBuy from amazon
ROOMMATE Steam Oven4Multi-heating modeBuy from amazon
Oyama Turbo Convection Oven31-year Warranty and very affordableBuy from amazon
NutriChef Dual Toaster Oven2Capability to simultaneously cook in different modeBuy from amazon
Cuisinart Steam and Convection Oven13-years manufacturer's warrantyBuy from amazon

5. BALMUDA Steam Oven Toaster

A Japanese oven toaster with the capability to produce perfect toast and it is a great addition to the kitchen. The BALMUDA oven utilizes steam to bake the bread which makes the outside crispy but chewy on the inside.

The body of the oven has a small footprint which around 357 W x 321 D x 209 H in mm. Meanwhile, the internal dimensions are around 274 W x 204 D x 178 H in mm which relatively small. Even though, it can still handle the baking of various type of food.

In regards to heating capacity, the oven relies on steams to distribute heat inside the compartment. The oven has a water inlet in the topside with a 5cc boiler. The heating cycle of the inner compartment is automatically adjusted to retain the desired temperature.

The heating mode of the oven has six options with a heat capacity of 300 to 1,300 Watts. The BALMUDA oven runs on 100V Japanese electric outlet. Therefore, it requires an electric transformer to work properly.

The oven comes with a Japanese manual and guidebook. But the oven is pretty simple to operate with just two dials. One dial for temperature control and the other one is a timer.



  • Great steam power
  • Built-in water inlet
  • Small footprint
  • Expensive
  • Japanese manual and guidebook
  • It requires electric transformer
  • Small compartment

4. ROOMMATE Steam toaster oven

Another Japanese steam toaster oven in the list that utilizes heat or steam to cook food. The steam mode of the ROOMMATE toaster oven can produce toasty bread on the outside but chewy inside. Meanwhile, the heat mode and steamless mode is also available for versatility.

The body of the ROOMMATE toaster is a stainless metal with a dimension of 342 W x 258 D x 205 H in mm. It has silicon port for water supply and a removable water inlet for ease of cleaning.

In regards to operating the toaster, there are two dials for controlling temperature and a timer. Although, it does come with a Japanese manual. But the toaster oven is easy to operate and to maintain.

The heating capacity of the oven is around 350 to 1,250 Watts. The heating mode can reach up to 350 to 500 Watts while the steam heating mode is around 1,250 Watts.

The toaster is designed for 100V Japanese electric outlet and requires an electric transformer to work properly. Hence, it is important to include in your buy the electric transformer.



  • Multi-heating mode
  • Perfect toast
  • Removable water inlet
  • Japanese manual
  • It requires electric transformer
  • Small compartment

3. Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Convection Oven

The Oyama Turbo Convection is a very versatile and powerful oven that runs on 110V. The Oyama Turbo has multiple modes of cooking. The oven can steam, bake, air-fry, grill or roast food.

As for steaming, the oven is not quite that powerful to produce steam quickly. It requires time before it reaches sufficient level of steam for cooking. But it is still good and best for steaming vegetables or dehydrating food.

The oven has a 12-liter tempered glass lid with an inner diameter of 12.5″. The tempered glass dome has sufficient capacity. But extreme caution is required since there is no external protection to avoid touching the glass while heating.

The manufacturer sells protection basket separately. If you want to have an assurance, you can buy the basket as additional protection.

In regards to heating capacity, the oven utilizes electrical coil for generating convection heat. Then there are two fans, one in the top and another one in the bottom. The fans help in distributing the heated air inside the dome.

The temperature inside the dome can reach up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven also has various accessories that can support different type of cooking. It also has automatic and safety shut off when opening the lid.

The package includes tempered glass bowl with metal base stand, tongs, metal lid stand, high and low racks, glass lid with the heating control unit, and instruction manual with recipes.

In regards to operation, the Oyama Turbo Convection oven is very easy to operate with two dials only. The first dial is for temperature control while the other one is a timer.

The unit is also easy to clean manually or through self-cleaning. The oven can perform wash cycle by setting the timer for 20 minutes and the temperature set for the cycle/thaw. Just add 1″ of water at the bottom of the bowl with dish soap.

It will make any stain soft and easy to remove. Use a damp rag to wipe off all the stains and thoroughly clean the oven after the wash cycle.



  • 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multiple cooking modes from steaming up to baking
  • Great accessories inclusion
  • Affordable
  • Extreme caution with the tempered glass
  • Flipsy stand and timer

2. NutriChef Dual Countertop Toaster Oven

The NutriChef countertop has two components which are the cooking pot at the top and the oven. The cooking pot can broil, skillet, saute or steam food. The oven component is good for baking, grilling, and rotisserie style of cooking.

The package includes the multi-function oven, cooking pot with lid, rotisserie forks, grill rack, and baking tray. The accessories provide versatility in the kitchen and able to cook any food.

The main feature of the NutriChef oven is the capability to use the cooking pot and the oven simultaneously. The unit runs on 120V and capable to produce 1,780 Watts heat capacity.

The cooking pot has multi modes such as a buffet, simmer, steam, saute or sear. It has an adjustable timer and temperature dial on the top of the oven. The cooking pot has more than 6 quarts capacity.

Meanwhile, the oven has a tempered glass window with stain resistance and easy to clean. The inner plates of the compartment are high-powered heating elements that provide uniform temperature inside the oven. The oven has a food capacity of more than 27 quarts and a body dimension of 17.7″ L x 16.5″ Wx 15.3″ H.

The unit has a heating power around 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. It has automatic shut-off, signal bells, and timer for efficiency.

If you are looking for a steam oven, the NutriChef is a great option because of versatility and overall functionality of the unit. The unit is a great addition to any kitchen and most likely to be used daily.



  • Multi-cooking modes with the cooking pot and oven
  • Capability to simultaneously cook in different mode
  • Rotisserie function
  • Automatic safety shut-off
  • Separate and limited steam function

1. Cuisinart Steam and Convection Oven

It is one of the best countertop steam oven available on the market. The Cuisinart steam oven utilizes convection heating elements and steams supplied by a removable water reservoir. The oven runs on 120V and a heat power up to 1,800 Watts.

The Cuisinart steam oven has a stainless body with dimensions of 22.05″ L x 17.32″ W x 13.27″H. The inner compartment space is small but can fit 4.5 to 6 lbs whole chicken or a 12″ pizza.

The water reservoir is removable for ease of cleaning and composed of plastic. Based on the manual provided by the manufacturer, all components exposed to food and water are BPA free.

The oven is capable of steam heating or convection heating to cook food. The Cuisinart oven has various modes such as bake, steam, and broil.

It also has a unique mode like steam baking and steam broiling which add the benefits of steam to the basic cooking mode. The Cuisinart oven also has 120 minutes of steady and uninterrupted steam for faster cooking.

In regards to maintenance, the unit requires delicate handling and thorough cleaning The food stains are easily softened and removed by using the steam cleaning cycle of the unit. The water in the reservoir requires being drained every after use.

Also, just make sure to check the inlet between the reservoir and the oven. It is to prevent any build-up of mold because of retained water.

For the accessories, always air dry the materials and open the oven’s door to remove retained moisture. It is important in prolonging the lifespan of the accessories. It is also critical to prevent rusting of the accessories or any metal component of the oven.

But overall, the unit is very easy to clean and just requires delicate maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. If you are not using the oven for almost a month, you must fill the reservoir with water and run the steam mode for 60 minutes before using it again.

Also, the Cuisinart steam oven requires annual decalcification to remove any calcium deposits inside the oven. The manual provides detailed instruction in regards to the process of decalcification.

For the control, the oven is very easy to operate. But the initial control is based on a preset temperature and timer. Only during the cooking process, you can adjust the temperature and timer to your desired set-up.

The preset controls hinder the adjustment of the temperature and timer. Also, for new users, it will take a lot of trial and error to perfect cooking with the controls.



  • 3-years manufacturer’s warranty
  • Multiple cooking modes with unique steam bake and steam broil
  • Easy to operate and to clean
  • Small footprint
  • Delicate maintenance
  • Limited versatility due to preset controls

A Buyer’s Guide for Countertop Steam Oven

Countertop steam ovens have limited power in exchange for a compact design to eat less space in the kitchen’s tabletop. Also, the steam feature is a relatively new inclusion to a basic oven.

But through the rapid progress of the technology, steam functionality is being incorporated into an oven for additional versatility in the kitchen. New products ranging from countertop up to freestanding steam ovens are flooding in the market.

There are many factors to consider in buying a countertop steam oven. My guide will provide crucial information to include in your decision making.

  • Size

If you are looking for a countertop oven, it is probably you want something small but packed with functionality. Buyers that want countertop are having problems with space and does not want any renovation for the installation of the appliance.

  • Function

The downside of buying countertop steam ovens is the lacking of power and functionality. But there are still decent products in the countertop category. Products with capabilities to provide a various cooking option and heating mode are usually expensive.

  • Operation

Another factor to consider is the ease of operation or how easy to use the product. There are some brands of countertop ovens that are manufactured in Japan and include Japanese manuals. But regardless of the language barrier, the unit is relatively easy to use due to limited functionality.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

Steam is great for cleaning any food stain inside the oven’s compartment. Steam ovens are relatively easy to maintain and clean on a regular basis.

  • Cos

As mentioned before, the cost of the steam oven is affected by the power or functionality of the unit. Another element that can affect the cost is the brand or the manufacturer’s credentials.

  • Warranty

It is the most important factor in buying a steam oven. A manufacturer’s warranty can safeguard any consumer’s investment in the product. Warranty is important in prolonging the lifespan of the unit and maintain an optimum operating condition.

If you are still having trouble deciding on the product to buy, you can always refer to testimonials or reviews from previous owners. You can also check the manufacturer’s website for a video presentation of the product. I would recommend conducting proper due diligence and research to secure a sound investment and for ease of mind.

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