5 Best Cell Phone Holder for Desk Reviewed

I love cooking at home and try out various recipes on the internet. But I have trouble looking at the recipes on my smartphone while working at my preparation. In the end, I usually put my smartphone at risk via exposure to the ingredients and worst, slow down my production significantly.

Now, I can perform better with the help of a smartphone stand and frees my hand to focus on preparation. But not all products out there are sufficient. My desk smartphone stands review will help you look for the best stands available with functionality and quality in mind.

1. Anker Multi-Angle Stand

The whole body of the multi-angle stand is aluminum. It is very durable and can take years of wear. The stand can accommodate any devices with 4″ to 10″ length and docked either landscape or portrait.

The best feature of the Anker stand is the multi-angle design. The dock is adjustable between nine different viewing angles with the press of a button. It is best for people who love to watch or read on their devices.

The base of the stand has rubber pads to prevent it from sliding in any surface. There are also rubber pads at the dock to protect the device from scratches or from sliding. Also, the rubber pad at the hook can be removed to accommodate larger devices.

Another amazing feat of the Anker multi-angle stand is portability. The stand is foldable up to the size of a pack of playing cards which make it easier to transport.

Anker provides 18-month warranty for the product with coverage of full refund or replacement with any quality issue. The shipment fee for returns is free for any customers ordering within the USA or shipped internationally through Amazon and eBay.

In comparison with other products, the adjustable viewing angle and foldable stand are clear winners. The portability of the product is very flexible and can even put in a pocket. You can even bring it to a coffee shop and docked your device while you enjoy your drink.

The warranty is also a plus regardless how durable the stand. The stand is very compatible because it can accommodate up to 10″ and the removable rubber pad at the hook can provide extra space.



  • Durable and portable
  • Protection with rubber cushions
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Warranty
  • No holes or cut-out for the charger’s cable

2. Lamicall S1 Cell Phone Stand

Lamicall is a great brand for smartphone stands in regards to quality and performance. The S1 stand has a simple design and looks great on any desk. The stand is made up of aluminum alloy with smooth edges and available in various colors.

The fixed angle of the dock provides perfect angle for viewing or reading while charging the device. The device can be position either vertically or horizontally. Also, the hole in the stand can be utilized to organize the charger’s cable in place.

The stand can accommodate any device with 4″ to 8″ length without tilting such as iPhone 6 up to 7 Plus or Samsung S6 to S7. The hook has an opening of 19mm which can fit any phones and some even with a case. Gaming console like Nintendo switch is also compatible with the stand which great for gamers.

There are rubber cushions around the hook and at the front of the dock to protect the device from scratches and sliding. The base is installed with anti-skid cushions to prevent sliding. The cushions also serve as shock absorbers which prevent vibration to jolt the stand or make noises.

The S1 is very worthy and inexpensive for a smartphone stand. The material used is durable and sturdy. The features are functioning as the designers intended. Your device is secured while docked on the stand.

Overall, there is nothing can go wrong for buying S1. It is because of the quality of the product and the lifetime guarantee provided by Lamicall. The guarantee covers full refund or replacement of brand new product for customers who are not satisfied.



  • Durable and stable
  • Protection with rubber cushions
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee
  • The stand has a fixed angle
  • Limited compatibility especially for larger tablets

3. Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stand

It is an improved version of the S1 with similar quality, features, and compatibility. The key difference is the multi-angle design. It has an adjustable angle of up to 270 degrees for the dock.

The knob for adjusting the angle is very easy to use. There is a firm lock mechanism for the dock to be positioned to any angle. Meanwhile, the rubber cushions keep the docked device protected against scratches or from sliding at any angle.

Another additional change from the S1 is the wider hook space which can accommodate more devices with a case.

The A Stand is a bit expensive in comparison to the S1 stand. But the adjustable angle is a great trade for the extra cost. It is a better deal and has the same lifetime guarantee of the S1.

Therefore, for those who want an adjustable stand, the A stand is a good product to buy with the assured quality design.



  • Durable and stable
  • Protection with rubber cushions
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee
  • Very wide adjustable viewing angle
  • Limited compatibility especially for larger tablets

4. MoKo Smartphone/Table Universal Holder

A stand made of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic with metal pin hinges. The component is extremely light and inexpensive in comparison to aluminum. But aluminum is better when it comes to durability and heat conductivity.

The MoKo stand has adjustable stand angle up to six slots (60 to 75 degrees). It gives the flexibility for the users to adjust the angle depending on their desired view.

The stand is also foldable up to a pocket size. It is good for portability which can be put in the pocket to bring it almost everywhere.

The Moko universal stand can accommodate any device with 4″ to 11″ length. The base has rubber pads that prevent sliding. Meanwhile, silicone strips are placed in the hook to prevent the device from sliding or from any scratches.

The device can be docked either at a landscape or portrait position. The problem with the product is there are no openings for the charger’s cable.

The plastic component of the stand might be a disadvantage since there are other products with the same features and made of aluminum. But the MoKo stand is still very attractive because of how extremely light and portable the stand. Also, it is one of the cheapest stands available at the market which is a plus.

I highly recommend this for those who are always on the go and want to bring the stand anywhere. The warranty is also a huge plus which secures your money and makes it very affordable.



  • Lightweight and small
  • Portable and foldable
  • Limited adjustable viewing angle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • No holes or cut-out for the charger’s cable
  • Made of plastic component
  • Can’t fit device with a case (hook opening is 11mm only)

5. InzhiRui Micro-suction Mobile Phone Desktop Stand

One of the unique stands available in the market. It utilizes suction pads that serve as adhesive for the surface and the phone. The product also includes a plastic hook as an optional locking mechanism.

The body of the stand is aluminum with a smooth finish. The material used for the pad is a micro-suction paste that provides strong absorption. There are two pads placed on the stand, one at the base and another one in the opposite end.

The micro-suction pad is great at any smooth surface and can hold the phone perfectly. The problem with the suction is dust accumulation that can interfere with the adhesive power of the pads. But it can be easily fixed by cleaning the pads with a transparent tape.

The key feature of this product is the capability to hold two phones at the same time because of the two micro-suction pad. There are also openings to organize the charger’s cable while charging the device.

The best thing about the InzhiRui micro-suction is the base connection. It can withstand accidental hand swipes unlike those with the anti-skid pad. Also, because of the micro-suction pad, almost any device can be docked in the stand without worrying about the size.

But overall, the stand is good but requires proper care and maintenance to retain its functionality.



  • High compatibility
  • Strong suction mechanism for the base and dock
  • Durable and sturdy
  • It requires regular cleaning of the suction pad
  • The adhesion can diminish over time
  • Fixed viewing angle
  • No warranty

Smartphone Stand for Desk: A Buyer’s Guide

A phone stand is great for organizing our devices and can be easily spotted regardless where you place them. It also frees your hand while you watch or read on your smartphone. But there are many factors to consider before you buy a stand. I have listed below some of the things you should consider in a smartphone stand.

  1. Compatability

The most important factor is to determine the adequacy of the product with your device. Most of the stands have limited compatibility and cannot hold certain sizes. Remember, there is a possibility that inadequate stand will tilt because of the size and weight of your device.

To avoid any potential damage to your phone, make sure to read the specification of the product and the capability to hold the device firmly without tilting.

  • Anker Multi-Angle Stand – 4″ to 10″ phone length
  • Lamicall S1 Cell Phone Stand – 4″ to 8″ phone length
  • Lamicall Adjustable Phone Stand – 4″ to 8″ phone length
  • Moko Smartphone Universal Holder – 4″ to 11 phone length
  • InzhiRui Micro-suction Mobile Phone Desktop Stand: Apple iPhone series, iPad, Samsung Galaxy series, HTC, Blackberry, Sony Xperia, Motorola Droid, Oneplus and more.
  1. Materials

Always check the design of the product whether it has an adequate locking mechanism for your phone. A secure locking mechanism is great for protecting your phone from scratches or sliding off from the stand. Hooks with rubbers pads can firmly hold the device in place without damaging its surface.

For the base, make sure that there are materials involved that can prevent the stand from tilting or sliding regardless of the surface. Rubbers pads or anti-skid pads are usually used to prevent the stand from sliding.

The main body of the stand should be durable and stable to hold the weight of the device. The common materials used are aluminum and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic. As mentioned before, aluminum is best for durability and heat conductivity while ABS plastic is extremely light but still quite durable.

  1. Features

Products with additional features like adjustable viewing angles are worth the extra cost in exchange for flexibility and functionality. There are also stands with openings or cut-outs to organize the charger’s cable.

  1. Manufacturer’s guarantee and warranty

The stands available in the market have a price range of $6 to $80. Regardless of how much it cost, the manufacturer’s after sales involvement is a huge plus. Most of the manufacturers provide 100% satisfaction guarantee or warranty for their products.

Also, choose a manufacturer that offers a free replacement or a full refund for products with quality related issues. It is a good service that secures your money.

For those who are interested in buying a smartphone stand, make sure to check the factors I have listed in your decision making. Even with small accessories, always be a smart consumer to prevent any regrets or hassles.

Also, always put the functionality and quality over aesthetic design. There are products with cute designs but might endanger your device while docked in them. Just make sure that the stand will function properly instead of investing for decorative purposes.

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