7 Best Dog Water Fountains Reviewed

Dogs that are properly hydrated will remain active and lively. Keeping their liquid intake sufficient will allow your dog’s kidneys to do their job of flushing out toxins. It also prevents them from having liver disease.

Your dog should be drinking an ounce of water for every pound of its body weight daily. But if you live in a hot place or if your dog happens to be pregnant or have health problems, then it should be drinking more.

To ensure that your dog is properly hydrated, then getting a water fountain would be the best thing to do. Here we’ve listed the top dog water fountains that you can choose from.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
Aspen Pet Cool Flow7Comes with a supply of filters good for 120 daysBuy from amazon
Petkit Eversweet6Has a smart modeBuy from amazon
PetSafe DrinkWell 3605Adjustable free-falling streamBuy from amazon
Hagen Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Dog Drinking Fountain4Large capacityBuy from amazon
Petsafe DrinkWell Ceramic Pagoda3Stylish and easy to cleanBuy from amazon
Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain2Comes with an adjustable spoutBuy from amazon
PetSafe DrinkWell Platinum1Has a built-in reservoirBuy from amazon

7. Aspen Pet Cool Flow

Aspen pet Cool Flow Pet Fountain, Medium, White

1,343 Reviews

Aspen Pet Cool Flow is available in different sizes with different capacity. You can get this with a 50 oz., 108 oz., and 216 oz. capacity. This constantly circulates water so the water that goes to the bowl becomes bubbly and oxygenated.

This fountain is made of plastic and is available in different colors like white, black, and bleached linen. This is good if you’re concerned about how it will match the room you’ll be putting the fountain in.

When it comes to filtration, Aspen Pet Cool flow uses a replaceable charcoal filter which could help keep the water on the fountain fresh. What’s good is that this fountain has an adjustable flow lever, so you can have this setup based on your dog’s liking.

This is one of the affordable pet water fountains you could get and it even comes with a replacement filter supply that could last up to 120 days or four months. When the fountain is running low on water, it will produce a noise that can’t be easily ignored.

Do keep in mind that whenever a pet water fountain is running low on water, immediately refill it to avoid damaging the pump it comes with.

To avoid the fountain from sliding whenever your dog uses it, the fountain has rubber feet. This is nearly silent so if you plan on putting it in your bedroom, it wouldn’t be a bad decision to do so!

What pet owners didn’t really enjoy about this product is that it is a bit high-maintenance since this has to be cleaned frequently.

The size of the bowl is also a bit small, so this is only ideal for pet owners with small dogs or puppies. Medium-sized dogs may still be okay with using this.



6. Petkit Eversweet

This fountain from Petkit only has a capacity of 2 liters or about 70 oz., and so this is also only ideal for puppies and small dogs.

This is a good choice when it comes to the water fountain for puppies that are on our list. Eversweet is an electronic water fountain with an ultra-quiet pump (50 DB in 40cm range).

Most pet water fountains only have carbon and foam filters but Eversweet has a quad-filtration technology. Its filtration consists of a mesh, water loop pulp filter, activated carbon filter, and ion-exchange resin.

These filters make sure that the water that goes to the bowl won’t be contaminated by hair or any debris. And at the same time, those filters keep the water on the fountain fresh and oxygenated.

This fountain has two modes to help you save energy. First is the normal mode wherein water will continuously flow without any change for as long as it’s powered up. Second is the smart mode wherein during the day, the pump only works for three minutes and rests every 2 minutes.

When the fountain detects the night time, the pump will still work for three minutes with two-hour rest in between.

If the water is already running low, the fountain also has an alert feature. Another great thing is that it could also let you know if it’s time to replace the filters through an orange filter light.

If in case you still don’t notice that the fountain already needs to be refilled, don’t worry as this has an anti-burnout feature. This means that the fountain automatically shuts off even before the water runs out. This saves you from a damaged pump!

This one is easier to clean compared to Aspen Cool Flow because its inner tank is dishwasher safe. The power cord or nylon it comes with is about 40 inches or 1.2m long and some pet parents find this a bit short.

There are also pet owners that claim how the smart feature is not really that great because it could get easily confused about the time of the day. This is mainly because it depends on the room’s lighting.

So if you place it in a room that could be a bit dark during the day when the lights are off, it will think that it’s already night time.



5. PetSafe DrinkWell 360

PetSafe Drinkwell Stainless Multi-Pet Dog and Cat Water Fountain, 128 oz.

2,820 Reviews

This is one of the three PetSafe water fountains that made our list. This fountain has a large capacity of 128 oz. That’s about 4 liters of water so this is would work nicely for dogs of all sizes and even a household with multiple pets.

PetSafe is a brand that’s trusted by a lot of pet owners, so this isn’t really something scary to purchase. This PetSafe water fountain is made of stainless steel which makes it hard for bacteria to build up since unlike plastic, it doesn’t have any pores where they could stick in.

This also has both carbon and foam filter to keep the water fresh and odor-free.

The DrinkWell 360’s water flow is adjustable as it comes with five caps that you can choose from. With these, you can check if your dog prefers drinking with multiple free-falling streams (1-5 streams).

The power cord it has is about 5.5 feet long and its center is 8 inches tall so it is okay for dogs with arthritis or even bigger dogs. This fountain is not completely stainless steel as the top part and the caps are made of plastic and so some customers see it as a bit unattractive.

This is top-shelf dishwasher safe so it’s pretty easy to clean. It’s advisable to have this cleaned every 2-3 weeks, depending on how many dogs or pets are using it.

There are pet owners who purchased this that said it’s not completely rust-proof even if they clean this on a regular basis.



4. Hagen Dogit Design Fresh & Clear Dog Drinking Fountain

Zeus Fresh & Clear Elevated Dog and Cat Water Dispenser, Large Drinking Water Fountain with Purifying Filter, 6L Capacity

1,982 Reviews

This affordable Dogit drinking fountain for your dog has a maximum capacity of 200 oz. or almost 6 liters of water. This won’t require a frequent refilling especially if you only have a medium-sized dog. This means that this is also ideal for a household with more than one pet.

This has a multi-stage filtration system that collects hair, debris, and food to make you sure that your dog won’t be drinking contaminated water. Since this also has a carbon filter, this also keeps the water cool, fresh, and odor-free.

The pump it comes with is also quiet, but the fountain produces noise whenever it is running low on water. Just don’t forget to refill this right away as soon as you hear an odd noise to avoid the pump from malfunctioning.

It’s easy to clean because of its large surface. Although there’s really no information about this fountain being dishwasher safe, a lot of pet owners load it in the dishwasher and find it effective.

This is classified as a pet fountain, but it only really oozes water from the center. It’s not really something discouraging, but this just means the pump isn’t really that strong.

Keep in mind that this won’t work without electricity.

Another thing that pet parents didn’t like about this product is that it’s pretty slow to fill. This is only because it can carry a lot of water.



3. PetSafe DrinkWell Ceramic Pagoda

PetSafe Cat and Dog Water Fountain - Automatic Water Dispenser - Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Fountain for Pets - Filter Included - Red -...

1,293 Reviews

This second PetSafe water fountain that made our list has a capacity of 70 oz. or 10 liters. True to its name, this fountain is made of ceramic, except the pump, so expect that this is on the high end of the pet fountain pricing spectrum.

The ceramic design makes this non-porous. It means that bacteria won’t build up easily and slime growth is only limited.

This also won’t have any odor and ceramic products are ideal for pets with chin acne. Just bear in mind that this is fragile. It’s best to place it somewhere that it will be safe.

It also has a carbon filter and a dual free-falling stream. This pet fountain has two bowl levels, so it could be used by arthritic and senior dogs.

It comes in different colors like white, blue, taupe, and red. If you are aesthetically inclined, this could work well since this also looks stylish.

Its power cord is also 5.5 feet long which is one of the common denominators of all PetSafe water fountains. Like other dog fountains, this also produces a noise when it’s running low on water. But if it’s not, the pump is quiet.

Overall, the splashing sound of the fountain is pleasant.

It’s not really ideal to wash it using a dishwasher. It’s easy to assemble so if you’ll have this manually cleaned, you won’t really have a hard time.

What pet parents who purchased this didn’t like is that it’s not ideal for a household with multiple pets since the capacity isn’t really that much. If you have a large dog, refilling this frequently may be needed.



2. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain

Pioneer Pet Raindrop Fountain, Pet Drinking Fountains (96 oz, Stainless Steel)

2,253 Reviews

This product from Pioneer is one of the most trusted dog drinking fountains in the market. This has a capacity of 96 oz or about 3 liters.

This suits pet owners with dogs of any sizes. But if you have a large dog or multiple pets, you may need to have this refilled frequently.

This pet fountain is dome-shaped which makes the water flow smooth. The center spout is adjustable so you can easily change the direction of the flow of the water, depending on your dog’s preference. It is made of stainless steel, so it lessens bacteria and odor.

Since this is made of stainless steel, it is ideal for dogs with acne. Chin acne on dogs are usually caused by plastic and that’s why vets usually recommend this product. When the water is already running low, this will vibrate.

The power cord it comes with is six feet long, but there are customers who would complain about how it’s too long and how it’s a bit flimsy. However, cord length is really about preference, so if you need a pet fountain with a long cord, then this could be it for you.

This is dishwasher-safe except for the motor. It is advisable to clean the pump one to three times every month to make it last.

It really depends on how many pets are using the fountain. What’s great about it is that you can purchase a cleaning kit from this manufacturer to make this product easier to clean.

What pet owners do not like about this is that the filter replacement is a bit hard to find. Some pet owners also claim that this doesn’t really last long.

Now, even if the pump doesn’t last long, a lot still repurchase this fountain because their dogs just really like it.



1. PetSafe DrinkWell Platinum

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Dog and Cat Water Fountain, Automatic Drinking Fountain for Pets, 168 Oz.

11,375 Reviews

This PetSafe Drinkwell water fountain for pets is on our top spot for a reason. It has a large capacity, which is 168 oz. or about 5 liters. Because of that, this is ideal for dogs of all sizes and for pet owners with multiple pets.

Its free-falling stream is adjustable. This fountain allows you to control how strong the water flow is, depending on what your dog prefers. This water fountain is only ideal for indoor use.

This is made of plastic and so if you have dogs that are prone to having chin acne, then you may want to consider getting something else with a different material.

What’s great is that the plastic used for this water fountain is BPA free. This also uses a replaceable carbon filter to avoid bacteria and bad odor.

It’s easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe. It’s advisable to have this cleaned every 2-4 weeks to make the pump last longer. The power cord it comes with is about 5.5 feet long and your pets can still use this even if there is no electricity. Water will still be dispensed continuously without power.

To make sure that this won’t slide off and create much mess, the water fountain has rubber feet. This pet fountain has lights on the pump that can’t be turned off, but if you really want to get rid of the lighting, then you can get a separate pump that doesn’t have any.

What pet owners who have this fountain do not really like is that the fountain has several parts, and so whenever they have to clean this, it may take long to disassemble and reassemble. For pet owners with multiple pets, this will require more frequent cleaning to avoid slimy water.



Buyer’s Guide – Dog Water Fountains

Dogs usually have the instinct to drink from running or flowing water rather than from a stagnant body of water. This is more appealing to them as the movement of the water stimulates their instinct to drink.

Since the water is continuously flowing because of the fountain, it makes the water bubbly, which is something also appealing to dogs. This is why water fountains are found to be helpful to keep your dogs interested in staying hydrated.

Below are the simple tips that you can consider in buying the right product:

  • Budget – Getting a dog water fountain is a bit pricey so make sure that you get a good quality to get your money’s worth. If you really don’t want to spend much on this, then you may want to consider getting a water fountain made of plastic.
  • The material used – Dog water fountains are made of different materials like plastic, stainless steel, and ceramic. Pet owners and even vets find stainless steel and ceramic beneficial for pets with chin acne as usually, plastic is what causes chin acne.
  • Capacity – This is something to consider especially if you have large dogs or multiple pets that would use the water fountain as this dictates how often you should be refilling it with water.
  • Noise – Since fountains have a pump, noise is also a factor to consider, especially if you plan on putting it inside your bedroom or places where you usually want to be quiet.
  • Filtration – Most pet water fountains come with a filtration system to avoid blockages and to keep the pump going, but not all manufacturers use the same filters. If there’s something that’s most commonly used in water fountains, then it’s the carbon filter. Anything other than that is already a plus.
  • Usage – This means you need to know whether what you’re getting can only be used indoors, outdoors, or both. Indoor pet fountains are mostly smaller than the outdoor fountains. Aside from that, outdoor fountains can get messy and splash water all over so think of where you’ll put the pet fountain to know which to get.