5 Best Dog Food Containers Reviewed

Storing your dog’s food properly is just as important as your own. While we have refrigerators, warmers, and cool cupboards to keep our food nice and fresh, dogs have no such luxuries. It’s up to us, therefore, to be responsible owners and take care of their food for them.

Kibble that’s improperly stored will become stale, and dogs will begin to dislike the taste. What’s more, pests and vermin love to raid bags of dog food too.

Airtight food containers will help to keep the flavor and freshness of dry dog food locked in as well as protect from accidental spillage.

It’s pretty nice to have everything organized too, instead of just having a sack thrown in the corner behind the door. To get you started, we’ve reviewed multiple dry dog food storage containers and selected the best of the best for your perusal.

ProductRankingFeaturesBuy & Price
Gamma2 Vittles Vault Plus for Pet Food Storage5Airtight seal, space-saving design, free scooperBuy from amazon
Simplehuman Stainless Steel Medium Pet Food Storage Can4Airtight ergonomic handle, stainless steel design, free scooper, 10-year warrantyBuy from amazon
Buddeez 16-Quart Pouring Dispenser for Pet Food and Bird Seed3BPA-free plastic container, Bag-In feature, free scooper, pouring functionBuy from amazon
Van-Ness Pet Food Container2BPA-free plastic container, built-in wheels, Snap-On coverBuy from amazon
IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo1Airtight, BPA-Free Plastic Container, 3-Piece set with free scooperBuy from amazon

5. Gamma2 Vittles Vault Plus for Pet Food Storage

Vittles Vault Outback 25 lb Airtight Pet Food Storage Container

8,059 Reviews

Gamma2, the company responsible for the creation of the Vittles Vault, GAMMA Seal Lid, and Skamper-Ramp, first created and patented an airtight container in 1989. It was originally meant to serve as a storage unit for biomedical supplies until the CEO of the company saw a big need in the pet food industry and repurposed the product.

Vittles Vault Plus is manufactured ethically in USA-based factories. The material used is completely BPA-free, food-grade, FDA-approved, high-density polyethylene (HDPE), so there’s no chance of adverse chemicals contaminating the contents.

The walls of the vault are also opaque, which completely protect the contents from light exposure.

The design of this storage bin is quite efficient – being square-shaped means that its easy to fit into corners or small spaces of your home. They’re stackable and completely airtight; thanks to lock-down double gaskets and a patented sealing system characterized by a unique circular spinning screw-on lid.

The outside of the bin features a decorative bas-relief of paw prints, depending on the size.

This system also works well in keeping the smell of the dog food inside the bin, which will avoid attracting any undesirable critters and prevent even your dog itself from ravaging the contents. Easy-grip molded handles allow you to transfer the container with ease.

A free measuring scooper is included, which can hold about 1-cup of kibble. The container comes in 15-lb., 25-lb., 35-lb., 40-lb., and 50-lb. sizes and the color is Mocha Granite across the board.

This product is part of the Outback collection – if you need a Vittles Vault for another purpose, Gamma2 has created various designs that you might want to check out. These include the Home Collection and the Travel Collection.


  • Is airtight and keeps food fresh and disallows odor from escaping
  • Made of high-quality and environmentally-friendly/safe materials


  • The rim can crack easily if the lid isn’t screwed on properly after use
  • The plastic lid is also soft and can be easily chewed through by rodents

4. Simplehuman Stainless Steel Medium Pet Food Storage Can

simplehuman 25 Liter, 27lb / 12.2 kg Medium Pet Food Storage Can, Brushed Stainless Steel

1,307 Reviews

This storage bin created by Simplehuman is the best-looking item on our list and also the most expensive. Simplehuman is a company that is dedicated to creating products that improve day-to-day efficiency, and it has managed to do just that when designing this airtight pet food storage can.

The company offers a 10-year warranty on this product along with free product support.

The can is made of durable, fingerprint-proof, stainless-steel which looks absolutely amazing and is quite aesthetically pleasing. The design is sleek and will match with other stainless-steel appliances that you may have in your kitchen.

It’s tall and slim, and so will fit into narrow spaces. The bin has built-in wheels which allow you to trundle it around with ease.

A special lock-handle and silicone gasket keeps the container airtight, preventing the intrusion of pets and pests and keeping odors effectively trapped inside. Kibble is kept dry and fresh in a removable BPA-free inner plastic bucket.

The bucket can also be used for storing other dry products besides dog food such as rice, sugar or bird seed.

A free scooper is also included with the can which attaches magnetically under the lid when you’re done with it. This food storage container’s various capacities include 27-lbs., 32-lbs., and 40-lbs.

Altogether, this product’s design is quite simple but is visually very modern which is sure to appeal to millennials and younger folks. It does cost more than three times as much as other dog food storage containers, so keep that in mind when making a decision.


  • Airtight and keeps food fresh and disallows odor from escaping
  • Built-in rear wheels make it easier to move around when it’s full and heavy


  • The brushed stainless steel can get dinged easily
  • High price tag

3. Buddeez 16-Quart Pouring Dispenser for Pet Food and Bird Seed

Buddeez Large (Up to 12lb) Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container with Flip Lid and Pour Spout for Pet Food and Bird Seed,...

1,321 Reviews

Sliding into third place on our list is a cute and simple holding container that can be used for both dog/cat food or bird seed.

Buddeez – the company responsible for the creation of this bin is a family-owned innovator that’s known for making “fun” products such as the Bready Buddy and Kingsford Kaddy, among others. All Buddeez products are manufactured in the USA.

This BPA-free plastic storage container is sturdy and solid and looks well-made. The design is tall and narrow which saves space.

Two rear wheels are built-in to provide greater mobility. The lid flips open and a free scooper is attached to the bottom side.

The first cool feature that this food container has is its ability to pour instead of just scoop like you have to do with other storage bins. The handle is sturdy and makes it easy to carry while pouring.

A pour spout flips outwards allowing you transfer contents to your dog’s food bowl or another container without spilling anything.

The second feature is Buddeez’s unique “Bag-In” feature, wherein you can simply place the entire bag of feed into the plastic container, which is useful for retaining nutritional information or other information printed on the label.

This pouring dispenser is currently only available in one size, which is medium and can hold up to 12-lbs (16-quarts) of kibble for cats or dogs, or 20-lbs. of bird seed. You can, however, buy them as singles, 2-packs, or 3-packs.

Buddeez also sells extra-large roll-away pet food dispensers and treat keepers.


  • Very inexpensive
  • Plastic is made of BPA-Free, FDA-approved food contact safe resin


  • Not totally airtight as there is no gasket to provide complete protection
  • Odor escapes from within the container

2. Pet Food Container

Van Ness is a family-owned, company invested in pet-caring products since 1945. It has created an ideal pet food container for storing and keeping kibble fresh for longer periods of time.

This particular product is made of USFDA-approved plastic for food contact and is BPA-Free.

The design is pretty simple – tall, rectangular, and pointing slightly inward. The lid is domed and snaps on/off.

The snapping motion is quite silent and won’t cause any unnecessary noise that might alert your dog. This pet food container uses a Fresh-tite seal to ward off moisture and keep the contents fresh, despite not being completely airtight.

Four built-in wheels are located on the rear to make relocation easier. This product doesn’t have that many flashy features but it fulfills its role superbly and at a very affordable price, too.

There aren’t any other type or color variations beyond the standard clear plastic one that’s being sold at most outlets. But you can buy a 10-lb., 25-lb., or 50-lb. capacity container.


  • Very affordable for its size
  • Is made of durable and solid plastic


  • Not airtight – can be raided by bugs and can spill the contents easily if it gets knocked over
  • Difficult to scoop food from the bottom of the container due to the placement of the four built-in wheels

1. IRIS 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Container Combo

IRIS USA, Inc. 3- Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo, Blue Moon

14,991 Reviews

The number one spot on our list of top dog food containers goes to this product by IRIS USA, Inc. The company began marketing plastic storage products way back in 1994 in an effort to help fill a gap in the market.

All of IRIS USA’s products are manufactured on-shore.

This product comes in three pieces: a small 12-quart storage container, a 33-quart storage container, and a food scooper that can hold about 2 cups of kibble.

The smaller container is great for holding treats while the large one is ideal for dog food, cat food or even bird seed. Pretty much any type of pet food can be stored using these containers.

The bins are airtight and made of BPA-free plastic that is safe for food storage. The smaller container stacks on top of the larger one which helps save space.

The 12-quart container stores up to 10-lbs., while the 33-quart one can hold up to 25-lbs. Being completely airtight, the odor of the contents won’t attract any unwanted visitors.

Secure snap-lock latches and foam seals keep moisture out of the bin – keeping kibble dry and fresh. Optional wheels are also included which can be attached to the bottom – allowing for greater mobility or if you need to transfer the container to another room.

This product is the best dog food container because of its value for the price, the versatility of the bins, and its ability to perform its function well.

The addition of the small container and the scooper are noteworthy inclusions and there are nine different color schemes available: Blue, Chrome, Dark Gray, Everglade, Green, Navy Blue, Pink, Red, and Seafoam.

The only design flaw which we’ve identified is with the handles/latches – when picking up the container by the handles, there’s a tendency for the latches to disengage which will allow the cover to pop off and the contents to spill on the floor.


  • Has a smaller container for you to use when traveling or for storing dog treats
  • Is airtight and keeps food fresh and disallows odor from escaping


  • The lids are kept in place by snap locks which can sometimes pop open if you’re not careful
  • A small design flaw on the handles/latches

Buyer’s Guide

As with most products out there, finding “the right one” almost always isn’t a walk in the park. If it’s your first time to go shopping for a dog food container, there are certain key features that you definitely want to prioritize when selecting an item.

A good dog food container should perform a number of basic functions; including keeping the contents dry and fresh, protecting the food from bugs or other animals, and it should be airtight to prolong freshness and prevent the growth of mold.

In terms of convenience from an owner’s perspective, you’ll want a container that is lightweight, easy to move, has the perfect dimensions that will fit somewhere in your house, has enough capacity to hold all the food in a bag of kibble that you usually buy, and which isn’t too expensive for its size.

Here is some expanded information on three of the key features for you to keep an eye out for when shopping for a dog food container:

  • Airtight Containers

Making sure that your dog’s food container is airtight is a very important aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked when considering the features of a potential product. An airtight container will more effectively be able to keep moisture out which is what causes mold spores to grow and food to spoil fast.

Disallowing air from entering a container slows down oxidation of the food and prevents rancidity from setting it. Airtight containers also effectively keep odors contained inside.

This is very useful if you have other pets in the house such as cats, as strong smells can attract them and sometimes the temptation is so great that they’ll go to great lengths to get at the food inside the container.

Dog and cat kibbles with a strong scent, such as salmon-flavored variants, are sure to attract insects and/or rodents. So having an airtight container will also be beneficial in keeping these pests away.

  • Lightweight and Safe Containers

Storage bins are manufactured using many types of materials – with the most common being food-grade plastic, light metal such as aluminum and aluminum alloys or a combination of the two.

A good dog food container should be light enough to carry or move around if needed, factoring in the projected weight after you’ve dumped 30 pounds of kibble inside. Wood is used by some manufacturers, but these containers usually run at higher prices and wood is a heavy material.

For a lightweight container, look for a product which uses a good BPA-free plastic material. BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical used in the production of plastics which has the tendency to “leak” out of the plastic and contaminate the contents.

When food with BPA is eaten, there are many possible negative health effects that can occur including increased blood pressure and decreased brain efficiency. Studies are currently on-going, but the general consensus among scientists is to avoid BPA-laden plastic.

The best product will be a lightweight container with minimalistic features and fair pricing.

  • Low-Capacity Versus High-Capacity Containers

Another important point to keep in mind when shopping is the storage capacity of the container. If you’re used to buying 30-lb. or 40-lb. bags of dog kibble, you’ll want to make sure that the food container is able to hold the whole bag so that you don’t leave a portion of the food inside the sack.

Doing so will leave you with two separate amounts of food that degrade at different frequencies. The one left in the sack will become stale faster if left open!

High-capacity containers, on the other hand, will be more expensive and more difficult to move around (given the added weight). It will also be difficult to scoop out the contents from the bottom of a bin, and you might find yourself extending an entire arm inside just to pick out the remnants.

Assess how quickly your dog goes through a sack of kibble to determine how much food to buy at a time and for how long it needs to be stored.