7 Best Dog Shock Collars Reviewed

dog shock collar

Training your dog could be both exciting and stressful, especially if you have a dog that just doesn’t follow your commands.  If your dog keeps on having certain unwanted behaviors, then you may want to consider getting a shock collar. The use of shock collars for training dogs is quite a hot topic as a lot …

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7 Best Dog Water Fountains Reviewed

Dog Water Fountains

Dogs that are properly hydrated will remain active and lively. Keeping their liquid intake sufficient will allow your dog’s kidneys to do their job of flushing out toxins. It also prevents them from having liver disease. Your dog should be drinking an ounce of water for every pound of its body weight daily. But if …

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5 Best Dog Food Containers Reviewed

Dog Food Containers

Storing your dog’s food properly is just as important as your own. While we have refrigerators, warmers, and cool cupboards to keep our food nice and fresh, dogs have no such luxuries. It’s up to us, therefore, to be responsible owners and take care of their food for them. Kibble that’s improperly stored will become …

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7 Best Interactive Dog Toys Reviewed

Interactive Dog Toys

Toys are not mere entertainment tools but rather, they play a vital role in dogs’ well-being as they promote a healthy lifestyle through weight management and more. In addition, your pet may also engage in better social interactions if provided with the right toys. It does not matter if you have active dogs like Pembroke …

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6 Best Dog Dewormers Reviewed

Dog Dewormers

aving to take your dog to the vet to get dewormed could easily cost you more than $60 as this service also includes exam fees and fecal test fees to know what kind of worms it is infested with. It is important that as soon as you find out that your dog has worms; it …

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